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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1941 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1941 Start

When Charlie and Jacob arrived at the hospital, Claire had already reached.

When Jacob and his son-in-law came to the ward, Elaine was holding Claire’s hand, and the crying could be heard outside the room.

Claire was also wiping tears distressedly.

Although Charlie heard that his mother-in-law had suffered a lot today, he had been outside at the time and had not entered, so he didn’t see what was going on inside.

Moreover, after Elaine was brought out by Orvel’s men, she was directly sent to the hospital, and Charlie did not see her face either.

Seeing Elaine with a blue nose and swollen face and missing a piece of hair on her forehead, he couldn’t help sighing in his heart: “Oh, Mother-in-law is really miserable. This time she was in this way. It was really a disaster. The ghost knew that Cynthia would suddenly run away. Looking for her?”

Seeing Charlie’s arrival, Elaine felt wronged and finally regarded as a catharsis, crying and said: “Good son-in-law, mom is so miserable…”

After speaking, she cried out of breath.

Charlie hurried forward, pretending to be concerned and asked: “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

Elaine waved her hand and wiped her tears: “Hey, I can’t mention it, I can’t mention it, it’s a bitter tear…”

Looking at her like this, Jacob didn’t dare to laugh even if he wanted to. He just stood there motionless or spoken.

Elaine glanced at him, and said angrily: “Jacob, what are you doing here!”

Jacob hurriedly said, “You said what I am here to do, of course I am here to see you.”

“See me?” Elaine said angrily: “I think you came to see me and laugh at me!”

Jacob hummed in his heart: “Hey, I really made you right, but I can’t admit it…”

So, he can only say embarrassingly: “What are you talking about it? Even if we are separated or divorced, we will be together for half a lifetime. You were bullied in this way. I must feel sorry for you!”

Elaine glared at him: “You feel bad a*, you! don’t know what you old dog are thinking, you fcking want me to be lame forever!”

Jacob did not expect Elaine to guess so accurately, but he did not dare to respond.

Fortunately, Claire on the side said at this time, “Mom, don’t quarrel with Dad. He came to see you out of concern.”

Elaine said angrily, “I don’t need his care.”

After speaking, she looked at Charlie again, and said bitterly: “Good son-in-law, this time I was tossed by the same group of people who engaged in MLM last time. Mom is really in bad luck. This time I will be fighting for a few months with the plaster, not only I can’t cook for you, but also won’t be able to go anywhere in the future. The days to come will be extremely depressing…”

Charlie understood Elaine’s meaning at once.

So he immediately said openly: “Mom, in this case, I’ll cook the food in the future. In addition, I will transfer you 100,000 in pocket money. You are really bored during this time. You can buy something online. Just play with things and it’s time to manage and be patient.”

When Elaine heard this, she was immediately moved!

In fact, she didn’t expect Charlie to give her money at all.

She just felt that Charlie had promised her that he would pay 30,000 a month for food and another 10,000 for the hard cost of cooking. She did not dare to deduct the food cost, but the hard work should be taken for granted.

But now she is limping again, and she can’t buy vegetables and cook. No one can do this work. She was afraid she couldn’t ask Charlie for the 10,000.