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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 193 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 193 Start

As Charlie drove away from Willson’s house, Jacob said angrily: “I knew that my mother and eldest brother’s family were so cold-blooded, so I shouldn’t have helped them so much.”

Claire sighed in the co-pilot, and said, “With their style, even if the Willson family has a big foundation, they will be ruined.”

The mother-in-law Elaine said indignantly: “The key is that we have helped them so much! Isn’t the Emgrand Group’s contract awarded for the first time? Now it is cheaper for them.”

Charlie said indifferently: “Mom, they will kill themselves if they do many injustices, and they will not end well.”

The Willson family’s current reliance is nothing more than cooperation with the Emgrand Group, and they don’t know that the Emgrand Group belongs to them.

Offending him, still want to make money from Emgrand Group?


As long as he gave Doris a phone call, the Willson family would be defeated.

Jacob touched the half-dry blood on his head, and muttered: “Who would have thought that the Willson family was so overwhelming that our family hadn’t had a chance to live in the villa sent by the White family. They had to grab it clearly. bully!”

With that said, Jacob’s eyes lit up, and he said to Charlie: “Good son-in-law, you take us to Tomson. I always remember that villa and want to see it again.”

Claire said: “Dad, this is almost home, so what else to see? Isn’t that villa not under renovation yet? Libo is still looking at it.”

Jacob said: “Oh, I want to go take a good look, otherwise I can’t sleep!”

Charlie can naturally understand Jacob’s mentality. It’s like a person who can’t afford a car suddenly has a top-notch luxury car. Even if he doesn’t drive, he always wants to take a look at it in the parking lot.

So he said to Claire, “Since Dad wants to see it, let’s go and see it, just to see if there are any decoration ideas. You can talk to Libo.”

Jacob smiled and said, “Charlie still understands my mind best!”

Claire sighed helplessly and said, “All right, then let’s go and have a look.”

Charlie immediately turned around at the traffic light and drove to Tomson First Grade

Charlie parked the car in front of Tomson’s villa, and when he got out of the car, his brows suddenly frowned.

The fence gate of the villa was actually hidden, and there seemed to be noisy sounds inside.

Seeing that Charlie was silent, Claire asked in confusion, “What’s the matter?”

Charlie said: “It doesn’t seem to be right, I’ll go in and have a look!”

After all, Charlie took the lead to walk a few steps quickly into the yard.

As soon as he entered the yard, he found several bodyguards dressed in black, throwing some furniture out of the villa.

Jacob exclaimed: “It’s from the Willson family!”

Charlie’s complexion suddenly became gloomy. These people in the Willson family were really lingering. They didn’t trouble them yet, but they came to the door first.

“Who allowed you to come in!”

Charlie scolded coldly and rushed up quickly.

When several bodyguards saw Charlie, their faces were panicked.

At this time, Harold’s drake voice came from the main hall.

“I let them in!”

Harold walked arrogantly with a crowbar in his left hand and thick gauze in his right hand.