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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1928 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1928 Start

Charlie looked at Regnar again: “Report everything to Mr. Orvel in the future, don’t make any small actions, do you understand?”

Regnar hurriedly squatted his head and said, “Master, don’t worry. From today onwards, I will follow your and Mr. Orvel’s instructions…”

Charlie said again: “By the way, Tomson first-grade a06, did you buy it?”

Regnar said awkwardly: “Yes, I bought it…”

Charlie asked him, “You bought this villa for the Willson family, did you come to make me sick?”

“Yes…” Regnar said nervously, “Master, this is my fault. Don’t worry, I will take back the villa and let the Willson family get out!”

“Don’t!” Charlie waved his hand and said: “It’s so boring to get them out. You are like this. First, stop all the businesses of the Willson Group and withdraw all the investment you gave them. I still want them to return to the previous one. Although this species lives in Tomson First Grade, it actually has nothing at all.”

Regnar said without hesitation: “OK, Master, I will make arrangements today!”

Charlie nodded with satisfaction: “Okay, Mr. Orvel, you arrange the accomodation for my aunt, Regnar will go and arrange the affairs of the Willson Group. As for Noah and Harold, don’t turn around to the relevant departments, and go directly to the hospital. Go ahead.”

The two hurriedly agreed to him respectfully.

Cynthia’s expression on the side was extremely ugly.

But ugly is ugly, she now dare not have any emotion of resistance.

Therefore, she could only say angrily: “Charlie, look at your aunt, who was also injured and two teeth were lost. You can send me to the hospital first…”

Charlie nodded: “It’s okay to send you to the hospital, but you should not make any wrong ideas, otherwise, it is not as simple as leaving. In that case, you will have to live in the Aurous Hill for a long time, maybe a year or half.”

Cynthia couldn’t help but shudder when she heard this.

Charlie arranged for her in the village in the city, basically the same as under house arrest. The environment there must be extremely bad, and it would be a great torment to stay for a day, and she would simply collapse if in for a long time. If it is a year, it is really better to die.

Therefore, she can only honestly say: “Don’t worry, since your aunt has said and listened to your instructions, I will never do anything else…”

Charlie said to Orvel, “Then arrange for my aunt to go to the hospital for treatment first, and don’t set the teeth in Aurous Hill. Let her go back to Eastcliff and do it there.”

Orvel immediately agreed: “OK, Master!”

Immediately afterwards, Orvel asked Cynthia and Regnar to be put in different vehicles, and then sent to the warehouse to take out the broken limbs of Noah and Jacob.

At this time, the two of them were lying on the cold concrete floor and had completely collapsed. The father and son cried in the warehouse for a long time, and they almost dried up all their tears.

Harold felt so depressed and lost in his heart, sobbing like a child: “I originally wanted to teach Elaine to please Regnar, but I didn’t expect that the other Lady who was caught by us with Elaine turned out to be a transnational fraud!”

“Besides, this scammer is so d*mn good to makeup, she even made up a set of so-called rich master status for Charlie…makes my dad and I believe it…”

“Even Regnar believed the nonsense of that stinky woman!”

“Regnar, you old dog, if you say you believe it, you can believe it, but there is no need to abolish the father and son in order to please her! We both were serving you, and you can’t be so right no matter what! What the h*ll is this!”