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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1925 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1925 Start

Regnar was reprimanded by Charlie, and he dared not look up.

He naturally knew these things about Wu Qi.

But he originally thought that it was all between his son and other girls. Even if he did harm a few girls, after all, he did not harm Charlie and the people around Charlie. Why did Charlie hurt him?

However, seeing Charlie so furious at the moment, he realized that the sense of justice in Charlie’s heart was far beyond his imagination!

Charlie observed at Regnar at this time, and said coldly: “Regnar, Auntie wanted to kill you, but I didn’t expect you to be so irreconcilable! In this case, I am also taking 40% of your assets. If no, I will let the Wade Family dispose of you at will in the future!”

Regnar burst into tears suddenly!

He was still carrying his hands behind his back, but he immediately leaned forward and knelt on the ground. While kowtow heavily, he cried and begged, “Master, I was wrong! I know I was wrong! My son is indeed guilty of death, you Being able to spare him a dog’s life is already a great kindness. It is because there is no eye and no way to discipline him. Please be merciful and forgive me once…”

Charlie said coldly: “You have no way to discipline, more than this one!”

Having said that, Charlie asked again: “Your brother-in-law Nanshan committed countless crimes! You, as the head of the first family in Aurous Hill, Nanshan committed these things by pulling your banner. It all happened under your nose. You know in your heart, why didn’t you stop him? If you led him to the right path earlier, he hadn’t poison so many people, and I hadn’t let him sink in the River!”

Regnar was shocked!

At this time, he immediately realized that Charlie did the thing that the original brother-in-law Nanshan and the entire top of the Beggar Gang were destroyed…

So Regnar didn’t care about the shock, and cried, “I’m sorry, Master! I do have an inescapable responsibility for this matter…I knew he was doing these things at first, so I wanted to stop it, but My wife cried and hanged up with me three times, my heart softened, just thinking, anyway, I don’t participate in it myself, so he can do whatever he wants… I never expected it, because of this, Just committed a terrible mistake…”

Charlie gritted his teeth and said: “You did commit a terrible mistake! How many children and families Nanshan destroyed? Part of each of these debts is recorded on your book of deeds! With your crimes Look, even if I kill you now, the Nine Heavens Gods will make atonement for what you have done in your next life and the next life! Let your ninth reincarnation suffer all the suffering in the world!”

Regnar’s crying nose and tears flowed, and his voice trembled: “Master, I really know that I was wrong! Please give me a chance to correct the evil. I am willing to hand over 60% of the Wu family’s assets. I have a chance to take the lead, the Wu family will do everything for you from today!”

Charlie waved his hand: “It’s not just about money anymore. If you really want to correct the evil, I can give you a chance, depending on whether you can accept it.”

When Regnar heard this, he squatted his head and said, “Master, please tell me! I will do my best to seize this opportunity!”

Charlie said coldly: “Change 40% of your family assets to Mr. Orvel, and Mr. Orvel will hold it in the future, and another 20% will be used for charity to make up for the evil your brother-in-law Nanshan has done over the years!”

Orvel blurted out: “Master, how can this be done… You gave me life, and if you want to give me these assets, they are also given to you… How can you give me… ….”

Charlie said lightly: “If Mr. Regnar agrees to this solution, you will take 40% first.”

Regnar dared to say nothing, and nodded hurriedly: “You can rest assured, Master, I will do this today!”

Charlie said again: “Regnar, from today, you are Mr. Orvel’s person. If Mr. Orvel asks you to go east, you must go east. The direction is half-way off. I want your Wu family to completely disappear in the south of the Yangtze River?”

Regnar didn’t dare to say half a word, nodded hurriedly and said, “You can rest assured, Master, master Orvel will be my master in the future…”

Charlie said to Orvel: “Mr. Orvel, take care of him in the future, he dares to have any disobedience, tell me immediately!”

Mr. Orvel hurriedly said: “Master, don’t worry, I will! As for Regnar’s shares, Mr. Orvel will hold it for you temporarily!”

Charlie nodded slightly.

Immediately, he looked at Cynthia, whose cheek was swollen by Orvel, and said lightly: “Auntie, since you are here, you will stay in Aurous Hill for a long time and wait until the New Year to go back. But your nephew, I have been busy recently. I’m not going to visit, I wish you a Happy New Year in advance.”