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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 192 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 192 Start

Seeing that his grandson was broken by Charlie, Mrs. Willson, who was leisurely watching “Family Law”, was suddenly angry!

She was so angry that she rushed over, slapped Charlie’s face with a slap in the face.

When she slapped her hand into the air, Charlie suddenly turned around and said coldly: “Old thing, you f*cking want to die!”

After speaking, he slapped the Lady Willson’s face, and slapped the Lady Willson’s hind legs a few steps!

At this moment, Charlie’s eyes were extremely cold, and his whole body exuded a murderous aura!

Although the Old Mrs. Willson was slapped in the face, she was so painful that she shuddered involuntarily.

She covered her face and backed away in fright.

The Lady Willson who retreated didn’t even dare to look at Charlie. This was the first time she saw him with such terrible eyes.

The Willson family looked stupid!

What the hll! What the hll!

This rubbish, even he dared to beat Lady Willson.

However, who can vent their anger for the Lady Willson at this time?

The injured bodyguard has fallen to the ground, and the remaining few, with a look of fear on their faces, do not dare to step forward.

Although the Old Mrs. Willson wanted Charlie’s life, she knew at this time that Charlie didn’t know where to learn a kung fu, he was so powerful, she couldn’t keep him!

Claire could see her heart pounding, her beautiful eyes followed Charlie all the time, her mood was exceptionally strange, and her cheeks couldn’t help but feel slightly hot.

It was the first time she discovered that Charlie had such a sturdy and mighty side.

In the past, in Claire’s impression, Charlie only felt that he was taciturn, and knew nothing except buying vegetables and cooking.

At this time, Charlie, seeing that no one dared to step forward, he raised his head, glanced at the crowd coldly, and shouted to the two bodyguards who were hiding away: “If you don’t open the door now, I will break your neck!”

The two bodyguards frightened their legs and hurriedly opened the door of the house!

Noah said angrily: “Mom, we can’t let them go!”

Old Mrs. Willson gritted her teeth, staring at Charlie, and said bitterly: “Let them go!”

“Grandma, how can I let them go like this?” Harold yelled reluctantly, with hatred in his eyes: “He broke my hand, I’m going to chop him!”

Old Mrs. Willson suppressed her anger and said coldly: “Shut up all of you!”

Noah Willson said viciously: “Charlie, you hurt my son and broke my Willson family rules, you will definitely regret it!”

The Old Mrs. Willson said word by word: “From now on, the Jacob family will be removed from the Willson family, and they will no longer be my Willson family’s children!”

Jacob raised his head, his head was broken and blood stained on his face.

He said blankly: “Such a Willson family is not rare for me!”

Claire also nodded and said, “Yes! we are not unhappy!”

The Lady Willson gritted her teeth and said: “Claire! You are really the money-losing people of my Willson family! From now on, you have also been removed from the Willson Group! The Willson Group is now cooperating with the Emgrand Group, and it will surely become a big winner in the future! And you are unfilial Granddaughter, you will have nothing to do with the Willson Group in the future! Get away from us as far away as possible!”

Claire said firmly: “I don’t care about it anymore. Dad, Charlie, let’s go.”

Having said that, Claire and Charlie supported Jacob together, gave the Willson family angry look, turned their heads and left.

She walked out of the door without any nostalgia at all.

Today she saw the true colors of these people clearly!

The so-called relative is not as good as an outsider!

If it weren’t for her parents’ sake, she would have drawn a clear line from the so-called “Willson family”!

Charlie was also extremely cold in his heart.

Old Mrs. Willson, Noah Willson, Harold, three generations are all f*cking idiots!

Do they think, why do they think that you can still cooperate with Emgrand Group?