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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1915 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1915 Start

Seeing a group of men in black with live ammunition rushing in, everyone was stunned.

Regnar asked nervously: “Who are you?!”

Among them, the man in black wearing a black mask said coldly: “We are Interpol! We are ordered to investigate a huge transnational fraud case!”

It was not someone else who spoke, but Charlie’s most loyal subordinate, Orvel.

At this time, Charlie was on the helicopter outside, but he didn’t get off.

He didn’t plan to come forward directly on this matter today, otherwise, there would be no way to explain to his mother-in-law Elaine.

At this moment, Regnar’s expression is extremely surprised, Interpol? Check transnational fraud? What does it have to do with him?

He just kidnapped Elaine and Cynthia!

Elaine felt as if her nerves were hit by high-voltage electricity all at once, and her whole body trembled. She immediately thought of her tragic experience when she was sent to the cell for stealing Charlie’s bank card.

However, after a while, she immediately came back to her senses and cried out for help: “Comrade Interpol, help! I am kidnapped by these people, they are going to kill me!”

The headed man in black walked up to her, checked her injuries, and said coldly to those around him: “Protect the injured first!”

“Yes!” Several people in black moved at the same time, and then hurriedly stepped forward and dragged Elaine, who has a broken leg now.

Elaine saw that she was being protected by a few men in black with guns, and she was completely relieved, and she cried loudly.

Seeing that Elaine was protected, Regnar immediately became anxious!

Elaine gave Cynthia a name. If she were protected by Interpol, how could he satisfy Cynthia? !

So he immediately questioned: “Hey! Did you make a mistake? There is no suspect of transnational fraud! Quickly let the woman go!”

Orvel walked directly in front of him, kicked him on his abdomen, kicked him all the way, with the muzzle against his forehead, and said coldly: “What? Are you teaching me to do things here?!”

Feeling the cold muzzle, Regnar was so frightened that he immediately waved his hand and said, “I dare not, I just want to confirm…”

Orvel said disdainfully: “No more nonsense, we will take you back to the Vienna headquarters for trial!”

Cynthia walked over in embarrassment at this time and said to Orvel, who was dressed in black, “Is this Interpol? I know the person in charge of your Vienna headquarters. I don’t care what you are going to do here. I now ask you to send me first. I want to go to the hospital and you will protect me all the way until someone in my family takes over!”

Orvel looked at Cynthia and sneered for a moment. Without a word, he slapped her loudly!

Cynthia sighed. Before she had time to question the reason, Orvel sternly shouted: “Roxa, we have been investigating you for a long time! In the beginning, you specially made counterfeit Citibank black gold cards and searched for victims all over the country. The reason why people like Elaine were arrested on suspicion of defrauding the bank because she used the card you made. We have already investigated the fact that you used the alias Cynthia to slander and deceive all over the world. We have already investigated it! Do you dare to argue here?!”

Cynthia was stunned by this remark.