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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1908 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1908 Start

“That’s it, Mr. Regnar…” Harold on the side was also a little unconvinced, and said: “Our Willson family in Aurous Hill can be regarded as a middle-class family anyway, and that’s also a good one!”

Regnar glared at him and cursed: “Your family has a head and a face? Your sister has a head and a face, and even went to kneel and lick the bad Old Master Fredmen? With a head and a face, your mother sl3pt with the overseer in the black coal mine?”

As soon as Noah heard this, his face flushed with shame, and he wanted to slash the ground and get in on the spot.

Harold beside him also wanted to die in embarrassment.

Regnar seemed to be puzzled. He gritted his teeth and cursed: “dmn, the TV in my villa has been sold by your family secretly, and you have the face to tell me that your family has a head and a face? Your grandma runs away with a head and face. From Charlie’s house steals foreign daffodils to make dumplings to eat? How much does it cost you to buy two kilograms of leeks at the dmn vegetable market?! The fcking family is stupid, saying that you’re all fcking fcking fcks!”

Noah and Harold were speechless immediately.

What Regnar said is the truth. After the Willson family fell, they did a lot of things that were not ethical, indiscriminate, and bull$hit. If they were to say one by one, they would really bring the Willson family back. The ancestor’s face is lost.

Cynthia’s desire to die is gone.

Obviously, she was confessing her identity and Charlie’s background to Regnar, how to say it, became Regnar and cursed the other two people bloody?

So, she looked at Regnar with a very pious expression: “Big brother, every word I say is true. I can swear to the heavens. Please look at the face of the Wade family and let me go. Right!”


At this moment.

Charlie was sitting on Issac’s helicopter, flying to the suburbs at high speed.

Noah and Harold’s methods of committing crimes are not smart, and it is not difficult for Issac and his men to find out their trajectory.

Soon, they locked the van based on surveillance video, and then used traffic monitoring to get out their crime route along the way.

After learning that the other party was currently in an abandoned warehouse in the suburbs, Issac immediately organized a large number of men to prepare for rescue.

Charlie naturally went with him.

When the helicopter was flying, Charlie, who was sitting in the cabin, looking sad.

Seeing this, Issac on the side hurriedly comforted: “Master we can rush over in a few minutes. Your mother-in-law and Miss Cynthia should not be in danger of life.”

Charlie rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed: “Noah and Harold are likely to be working for Regnar. I can probably guess how they would treat Elaine. It is likely that they will find something similar to a black coal mine after torturing Elaine. The place imprisoned her for suffering, so I am not worried that they will kill Elaine.”

Issac nodded and said, “Miss Cynthia is the eldest daughter of the Wade family. If it is Regnar who is in charge behind her and Miss Cynthia reveals her identity, he should not dare to make trouble, so Miss Cynthia will probably not encounter a threat to her life.”

Charlie smacked his lips and said: “What I worry about is that my aunt reveals her identity! If she reveals her identity, she will definitely reveal my identity. I don’t want others to know that I have anything to do with the Wade family!”

Issac hurriedly asked, “What if Miss Cynthia has already said it?”

Charlie said coldly: “If she has already said it, then she must be a little wronged by the time!”