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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1906 Free Novel

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“bullsit!” Before Elaine spoke this time, Regnar cursed Cynthia first, then slapped her again, and cursed: “You the fcking treat me as a three-year-old child? Charlie is married you do not know?”

“I know…” Cynthia cried and said, “Because I know, I can only make this move. I want to separate Charlie and Claire first, and then my daughter will have a chance!”

Regnar sneered: “You woman, you are very dishonest at first glance. I can tell from your eyes that you didn’t tell me the truth!”

Cynthia was nervous to death.

In fact, she does not have very good psychological qualities. She has been arrogant before. It is not because of how strong her psychological quality is, but because of the reputation of the Wade family, so she can be free and unreasonable, not afraid that anyone dares to treat her badly.

However, this is not Eastcliff after all.

She also underestimated Regnar’s hatred for Charlie.

At this time, Regnar just wanted to teach Charlie a lesson first, and then find a chance to kill him as well.

Therefore, it is impossible for Regnar to reason with Cynthia.

If Cynthia can’t prove very clearly that she is not Charlie’s aunt, then Regnar would rather kill the wrong person than let it go!

Therefore, Cynthia could only choked and said, “You gentleman, since you hate Charlie so much, you must know that Charlie was an orphan since childhood and grew up in an orphanage. How could I be his aunt? If I really am his aunt, How could I let my nephew live in the orphanage for so many years, don’t you think?”

Regnar snorted coldly, gritted his teeth and said: “What’s impossible? When my b@stard brother-in-law died, there was a little girl left behind. That little girl was my wife’s niece, and she was also called my wife her aunt. She has always wanted to bring her to my side to raise, but I did not agree, so the little girl is still living in the orphanage. Isn’t this the same as your situation?”

Cynthia was stunned for a moment, and she had no idea what to do.

At this moment, Harold on the side rummaged in Cynthia’s bag for a while, pulled out a document from her bag, and handed it to Regnar with a flat face, and said, “Mr. Regnar, look, this woman is called Cynthia Wade. From Eastcliff!”

Regnar frowned immediately.

Although the surname of Wade is not too much, it is not too few, so he did not think of Cynthia and Wade’s family together.

On the contrary, he discovered that this woman was also named Wade, and almost instantly concluded that this woman must be Charlie’s aunt!

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and grabbed Cynthia’s hair, and his big mouth drew several times. Cynthia’s mouth was full of blood, and she said coldly: “You are brave enough, and dare you f*ck me. Do you really think Regnar is vegetative?!”

Cynthia was beaten up and down, and her whole body almost collapsed. She cried and said, “Mr. Orvel, I beg you to let me go. I have no grievances with you. Why should you embarrass me again and again…… If Charlie has offended you, then you can kill him. Don’t make me, a woman, so miserable please…”

Cynthia didn’t dare to reveal her true identity as the last resort, because once her true identity was revealed, it might be an even stronger motivation for Regnar to kill her.

Therefore, she wants to carry it to the end!

If there is really no other way, then use the identity to make the last fight.

At this time, Regnar grinned: “You said you have no grievances and no enemies with me?! I tell you, all Charlie’s relatives and friends are enemies of Regnar! You two, one is Charlie’s aunt, One is Charlie’s mother-in-law, so don’t both of you want to run!”

After that, he immediately shouted to a bodyguard next to him: “Amao! First, drag Charlie’s aunt to me, and shot her!”