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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1900 Free Novel

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Therefore, he can only comfort his female employee and let her cultivate her body at ease.

After coming out of the ward, Issac sighed, wondering when the grandmother Cynthia could leave when the phone suddenly rang.

The person who called was Cynthia’s bodyguard.

Issac answered the phone: “Hey, this is Issac.”

The nervous people on the other end of the phone almost cried, and choked up: “Mr. Issac, something has happened, Mr. Issac!”

Issac frowned and asked, “What’s the matter? What is such a fuss for.”

There was a shivering voice and said: “Issac…Mr. Issac, the eldest lady…she…she is kidnapped!”

There was a buzz in Issac’s mind!

What do you mean?

Cynthia was kidnapped in Aurous Hill?

Who is so bold that even they dare to touch the Wade family?

So, he hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, let me know the matter clearly after the first five to ten!”

The other party hurriedly said, “Today the eldest lady is looking for a woman named Elaine to talk about something, so we accompanied the eldest lady to a beauty salon and met with that woman…”

“Unexpectedly…the two of them disappeared in the beauty salon together, and even the clerk and boss of the beauty salon are missing…”

In the next moment, he immediately thought of Charlie.

He knew that Charlie had a big quarrel with Cynthia in the Hanging Garden, and the two sides must have been very uncomfortable, so it might really be Charlie’s hand.

So he hurriedly called Charlie and asked as soon as he came up, “Master where are you?”

Charlie said lightly: “I’m at home, what’s the matter?”

Issac said nervously, “Master did you tie up Miss Cynthia?”

Charlie frowned: “No, I don’t even bother to see her, why would I tie her up? Why, she is kidnapped?”

Issac was surprised: “Ah? You didn’t do this thing?! That’s bad! This is really going to happen!”

Charlie asked, “What the h*ll is going on?”

Issac blurted out: “Miss Cynthia went to the beauty salon to see your mother-in-law, and said she was going to talk to your mother-in-law in person, but she suddenly disappeared and disappeared from the beauty salon!”

Charlie was shocked, and hurriedly asked him: “What about Mother-in-law? Missing too?! Do you know what she said to Mother-in-law?!”

What Charlie feared most at this time was that Cynthia would reveal his identity in front of Elaine.

Now, the Su family is the enemy he must get rid of, and the Wade family does not know whether it is an enemy or a friend. It is very likely that the two top Eastcliff families are his enemies. If his identity is revealed, they will be exposed to those around them. Brings a lot of danger.

Before these things were resolved, he was not going to tell Claire his identity.

However, if Cynthia and Elaine show up, then he won’t be able to hide…

Issac also heard that Charlie was a little nervous about this matter, and hurriedly said: “Master don’t know the specific situation now. don’t know what Miss Cynthia and your mother-in-law talked about. Now they are both kidnapped. We have to find them first!”

Charlie nodded, and said, “You call Orvel. His subordinates are scattered all over Aurous Hill and have many eyes and ears. For this kind of thing he should be able to find a clue!”