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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 190 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 190 Start

The people in the yard were shocked.

This eyebrow stick is made of the hardest yellow elmwood, which is extremely hard. Even two sturdy men can hardly break with all their strength.

But in Charlie’s hands, it turned out to be like crispy noodles, so weak!

After practicing the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures, Charlie’s strength has become stronger and stronger, and these bodyguards are simply not opponents!

Seeing Charlie’s move, Jacob let out a sigh of relief.

He didn’t expect that his son-in-law should be so capable! It seems that today he and his daughter can leave the Willson family safely!

The bodyguards in the old house of the Willson family were all arranged by Noah Willson. They were all his confidants. At this moment, seeing that he was very strong, everyone was a little flustered.

Noah Willson gritted his teeth and said: “Charlie, I didn’t expect you to have learned some three-legged cat kung fu, but I see you alone, how to deal with so many hands! Give it to me together!”

“Yes! Let’s go together and kill him!” Harold also gritted his teeth, showing his face.

He had suffered a loss in Charlie’s hands long ago, so he planned to take revenge today!

A group of bodyguards got the order and immediately rushed towards Charlie.

Charlie ignored them, and when several bodyguards rushed over, he suddenly volleyed with a roundabout kick and kicked the two bodyguards out.

Immediately afterwards, he “brushed” a few punches, and instantly knocked down the bodyguard who rushed in front!

Claire, who was standing behind him, was stunned. She had no idea that Charlie, who gets along with her day and night, would be so good.

Seeing his daughter’s shocked expression, Jacob quickly explained: “Claire, when you usually go to work, Charlie is at home following the TV to practice martial arts.”

“He still practices martial arts?”

Claire was even more incredible.

Jacob said: “He knows a lot! Qin Gang asked him to do things last time!”

With that said, Jacob felt a little guilty when he saw Charlie fought against several bodyguards.

The Willson family had always underestimated Charlie, and let him stay at home to buy vegetables and cook, but Charlie was also a man, and he also had his own dignity.

Which man is willing to wash and cook at home all his life?

It seems that the family is ashamed of Charlie!

At this moment, Charlie defeated several bodyguards in succession, without fear.

There is also a mess in the courtyard!

Wendy and the Lady Willson ran into the house long ago to take shelter, and all men left in the courtyard.

Harold next to him looked extremely annoyed. He didn’t expect Charlie to be so good. Seeing Charlie gradually gain the upper hand, Harold gritted his teeth, bent over and picked up an axe, walked quietly over, while Charlie was kicking one of the bodyguards. When he saw the bodyguard, he slammed on head.

“Charlie, be careful!”

Claire screamed when she saw the sharp light of the ax.

“d*mn, Rubbish the silk, I hack you to death!”

Harold’s new hatred and old hatred rushed into his heart together and slashed fiercely.

Jacob was so frightened that his legs became weak and he almost collapsed to the ground.

They want Charlie’s life!

Axe flashes!

When it was said that it was too late, Charlie suddenly raised his hand, and his two fingers accurately clamped the axe blade, turning his head coldly to look at Harold.

Harold was shocked, trying hard to get the axe back.

But Charlie’s two fingers are like a vise, even if he uses the strength of sh!t, the steel axe pinched between the fingers will not move.

Harold sweated coldly on his forehead and roared, “Rubbish, let me go.”

Charlie stared at him and sneered: “Harold, you stupid, you can’t cut anyone, I think you are a waste!”