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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1898 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1898 Start

He thought to himself: “Is this woman mindless? Give Elaine to her? How can our family explain to Mr. Regnar? Besides, I don’t care how you appeared here today, since you and Elaine When they got together, in order to avoid problems with kidnapping Elaine, then I can only take her away!”

So he ignored Cynthia and said directly to the young people: “Tie up this woman and take her away!”

When Cynthia heard this, she shouted angrily: “Tie me?! Do you know who I am?!”

Harold said in disgust: “I don’t bother to know who you are. When you and Elaine go to the brick factory to burn bricks, tell Elaine who you are!”

After speaking, he said to the few people: “Give me both of them!”

Cynthia said hysterically: “You dare to move me, I’m Wade…oo…”

Before Cynthia could say the rest, her mouth was tightly gagged with a towel.

The end of Elaine was the same. After being gagged, Harold immediately said to them: “Hurry up and get people in the car!”

Several people immediately took Elaine and Cynthia, walked out the back door quickly, and stuffed them into the carriage.

Harold said to the owner of the beauty salon at this time: “Brother Baidel, I advise you to withdraw as soon as possible and don’t spend an extra moment here.”

The owner of the beauty salon said: “No, I still have some second-hand equipment and furniture waiting to be processed!”

Harold asked him: “How much money can it be worth just such a little second-hand tatter?”

“It’s worthless, but it’s better than a lot of things. If you sell it, you can sell it for ten or twenty thousand.”

Harold said hurriedly: “You quickly pull it down! How long do you have to spend on this 20,000? In case it is for such a small amount of money, and you finally want to run away, then you will lose out. ! So I advise you to leave now! After I am gone, you should withdraw from the back door quickly!”

The beauty salon owner thought carefully: “Yes… the woman who came to Elaine just now has a companion, but that companion is waiting outside at this time, and now she is taken away by Harold. The other party can’t wait for anyone, and it will take half an hour, and he will definitely come in to see what happens. Isn’t it a bad thing?!”

Thinking of this, he lost his heart. Anyway, he earned 200,000 from Harold, and another 50,000 from Cynthia, which is already a lot of money. If he doesn’t run away now, if he can’t get away. Regret no tears!

So he hurriedly said to the clerk: “Go and say hello to the massager, pack things up and leave in five minutes!”

The clerk nodded busy: “OK, boss!”

Soon, the van that Harold found, carrying Elaine and Cynthia who were tied up by the five flowers, quickly left the back door of the beauty salon.

Within a few minutes, the owner of the beauty salon also took clerk and a massager, with large and small bags of soft luggage, and sneaked away through the back door.

At this moment, Cynthia’s bodyguard was still standing beside the Rolls-Royce on the roadside, waiting for Cynthia to come out.

How did he know that Cynthia was actually kidnapped in this ordinary beauty salon…

Twenty minutes passed, and Cynthia hadn’t come out yet. The bodyguard took out his cell phone and planned to call Cynthia to ask.

At the same time, the van was driving outside the city.

Harold was sitting on the back seat with a smug look, while Elaine, who was heavily tied up, was lying at his feet.

He deliberately stepped on Elaine’s face with his feet, and sneered: “Elaine, you didn’t expect it, you will have a f*cking day today!”

Elaine was speechless, so she could only whimper a few times.

At this moment, in Cynthia’s bag next to him, the phone rang suddenly!