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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1893 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1893 Start

Thinking of this, Cynthia stuffed the one billion check back into her wallet.

She felt that if she wanted to buy a cheap woman like Elaine, one billion would be taken advantage of, and one billion was a lot.

As a result, she took out the checkbook again and temporarily wrote a check for 100 million.

She planned to take this one-hundred-million-dollar check directly in a while to entice Elaine to go home and force her daughter to divorce Charlie. In this way, her mission to Aurous Hill this time would be half completed.

After writing a check for 100 million, she took out a Hermès silk scarf from her bag and placed it on the sofa before sitting down.

At this time, Elaine was still soaking in the bathtub.

In fact, she had washed it a long time ago, and the reason why she still didn’t want to soak it out was mainly because she felt that the milk petal bath should have a good moisturizing effect on the skin, so it’s better to soak for a while.

And Harold and Noah, at this time, had already brought a few young men who were still alive and drove a large van to the back door of the beauty salon.

Harold took out the phone, called the boss, and asked, “Brother Baidel, how are things prepared? Have you fainted Elaine? I’m just waiting at the back door!”

The boss thought to himself: “I haven’t made the extra 50,000 yet, so I have to wait for my 50,000 to be safe before doing it!”

So, he said to Harold: “Harold, wait a moment, that Elaine is taking a bath, there is a bit of ink, but don’t worry, I will have the water with the added ingredients ready for her. After the bath, find a chance to let her drink it, and you will wait patiently for my notification. Once she faints, I will call you. Then you can just come in and do your thing!”

As soon as Harold heard this, he immediately smiled and said, “Brother Baidel, you are still reliable! Okay! In that case, I’ll wait a while, and you will notify me immediately if it’s done.”

“Okay, just wait for me!”


Elaine soaked for another ten minutes, feeling that the skin on her body was a little pale because of the blisters, and then she came out of the bathtub reluctantly.

After she came out, she immediately rang the service bell, and the clerk who had received her hurried in with a clean bath towel in her hand.

She helped Elaine wrap the bath towel and asked diligently: “Madam, do you need to wear disposable [email protected]? I will open the package if necessary.”

As she said, she added: “All our massagers and service staff are women. It doesn’t matter if you don’t wear them.”

Elaine thought for a while and said, “I’d better put it on. After all, this is not a bathhouse. It’s too awkward to be alone.”

The clerk nodded and quickly took apart the disposable [email protected] for her to wear, and prepared another bathrobe for her. After Elaine put on the bathrobe, she was led to the spa room.

Opening the door, the service staff said to Elaine: “Miss, please come in.”

Elaine nodded, and when she stepped through the door, she found a beautifully dressed woman sitting on the sofa in the room, and asked the clerk with some dissatisfaction: “This is your massager? This fancy suit is too exaggerated. Right? There are so many decorations on her body, making it look like a mannequin in a jewelry shop. What if she accidentally scratched me?”

Cynthia must be angry at this.

Secretly cursed in her heart: “The f*cking bun, said I am wearing fancy clothes, said I am pompous?!”