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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1892 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1892 Start

Cynthia said, “I’m here to find Elaine, who just came to your place for care. I have something to talk to her in private.”

As soon as the boss heard that she was not for consumption, he darkened his face and said annoyedly: “If you are not for consumption, then please go out. If you are looking for someone to discuss matters, you must find another place. I don’t provide such services.”

Cynthia winked at the bodyguard, and the bodyguard immediately took out 50,000 in cash from his small suitcase and patted it on the counter.

When the boss saw the money, his attitude became flattering again, and he smiled and asked, “Ma’am, what service do you want me to provide you with?”

Cynthia said coldly: “Take me to see Elaine. I want to chat with Elaine in private. It won’t be too long, at most half an hour. During this half an hour, no one is allowed to bother me. , This fifty thousand is your reward, do you understand?”

When the boss heard this, he thought to himself: “Harold asked me to give that Elaine some sleeping pills. After she is asleep, Harold would take her away secretly. Now he has killed the eldest sister halfway and has to talk to Elaine. It sounds like a good deal for an hour, and then give 50,000. As long as he let Harold wait for half an hour, wait for the older sister to talk to Elaine and leave, then give Elaine sleeping pills?”

Thinking of this, he immediately agreed with a smile: “It’s easy to talk about! Isn’t it half an hour of private time, no problem, Ms. Elaine is taking a bath, you can wait in the spa room first.”

Cynthia nodded and said to the bodyguard, “Come with me.”

“Hey!” The boss said hurriedly, “We are a female-only club. Members wear very casually here, and sometimes they don’t even wear clothes. Even my boss can’t enter the private service area for members. You can’t take this gentleman inside!”

Cynthia didn’t think that an ordinary beauty salon would be dangerous, so she said to the bodyguard, “You are waiting outside.”

The bodyguard nodded slightly.

Today, Cynthia’s whereabouts were made on a temporary basis, and there was no suspicious person following along the way, so in this case, there was basically no possibility of encountering danger, so she didn’t care too much.

The bodyguard waited at the door, and Cynthia said to the boss: “Can you take me in now?”

The boss smiled and hurriedly said, “Let our clerk take you in. I can’t get in either.”

“Good.” Cynthia nodded, and followed the clerk into the beauty salon.

The apartment of this beauty salon is relatively deep, with the front desk and lobby outside, and then the bathing place through the promenade, and then the spa room is going deeper.

The reason why the spa room is placed in the deepest part is mainly that the guests who come to the spa for complete relaxation and are very resistant to noise. If it is too close to the outside and close to the road, the vibration and horn sound of passing cars will be very obvious.

After Cynthia followed the clerk through the deep corridor, she came to one of the spa rooms.

The clerk respectfully said to her: “Hello, madam, please wait here for a while, and I will bring her here after Ms. Elaine comes out.”

Cynthia gave a hum, took out 10,000 in cash from her limited Hermes backpack, handed it to her, and exhorted: “Don’t tell Elaine I’ll wait for her here, just bring her in, understand?”

The clerk happily accepted the ten thousand, and said excitedly: “Don’t worry, I won’t say it!”

“Yeah.” Cynthia nodded: “You go out first.”

“OK, lady.”

After the clerk went out, Cynthia frowned and looked at the environment in the room, frowning in disgust.

She took out a cheque written a long time ago from her bag. The amount on the cheque was one billion, which she planned to use to buy Elaine.

However, the more she looked at the low-end environment of this beauty salon, the more she sighed in her heart: “This Elaine would actually come to this place to do a spa. She must be a bun who has never seen money. Give her a billion. It is too much!”