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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1889 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1889 Start

“how can that be possible!”

Cynthia blurted out: “Dad, you haven’t seen Charlie for many years, so you think of him too well. Let me tell you the truth, Charlie is now a small gangster in a remote country! Whether it’s Zhiyu or Sara, They are all Eastcliff’s famous ladies of the sky, how can they be worthy of him?!”

Zhongquan said coldly: “I saw Philip at the Chamber of Commerce yesterday, and I asked him if he still remembers Charlie’s engagement with his daughter. He said to me on the spot, as long as he can find Charlie, he must not hesitate. Let his daughter marry him!”

“In addition, Philip also said that no matter what Charlie is now, even if he is begging along the street, he is also the future son of the Gu family. Their family has long reached a consensus on this matter!”

Cynthia was stunned: “What age is this, is Philip crazy?”

Zhongquan said in a harsh tone: “I don’t want to care if Philip is crazy or not, don’t worry about it. Your task now is to do everything possible to make Charlie promise to come back for the New Year!”

Cynthia was so helpless that she had no choice but to say angrily: “Dad, tell you the truth, Charlie was too much yesterday, so I didn’t control my emotions yesterday. I had a big fight with him. He didn’t eat anything, so he just waved away…”

“b@stard!” Zhongquan yelled, “Don’t think don’t know you. With your acting style, it’s not good to say who is too much!”

After that, Zhongquan said again: “I don’t care about anything else, you must bring Charlie back to me! If he doesn’t want to return, then you can think of something else!”

Cynthia hurriedly asked: “Other methods? What else?”

Zhongquan said, “Doesn’t he have a wife in Aurous Hill? Can you find a way to get in touch with his wife or his father-in-law?”

Cynthia said immediately: “Then I will go to see his wife, give her some money, and let her divorce Charlie!”

Zhongquan said: “Don’t go to his wife, you can make a fuss from his mother-in-law first. I heard that his mother-in-law is very greedy for money and is a monseter who eats money!”

Cynthia quickly said, “Dad, then I will try to find a breakthrough from his mother-in-law!”

“Yeah!” Zhongquan reminded: “After you meet his mother-in-law, don’t reveal your true identity, otherwise, if you let that kind of evil people know that Charlie is a member of our Eastcliff Wade family, you will be killed. She, she won’t let her daughter divorce Charlie either.”

“Okay,dad! I see!”

Cynthia quickly agreed, and then immediately took out the phone, called the bodyguard who brought Aurous Hill this time, and ordered: “Check for me where Charlie’s mother-in-law is, I want to see her!”


Elaine rushed to take a taxi to the beauty club on the package card. When she came in and showed the package card, she was somewhat guilty, for fear that others might make a mistake, or the card itself could not be used.

But what she didn’t expect was that the clerk said to her very politely: “Hello madam! Your package card can be used at any time and no appointment is required. Do you want to experience it now?”

When Elaine heard this, she said excitedly: “Of course! I’ve been taking a taxi from a long distance, can’t I just come and ask you? Hurry up and arrange a massager for me, I will have a good experience now.”

The clerk nodded and said respectfully: “Madam, our full-body spa here is for bathing first. I will take you to bathe and change clothes first, and then arrange a massager to do the spa for you!”

Elaine was very happy. When she had money in her hands, she did go to beauty salons or beauty clubs to do facial or spa treatments.

Therefore, she knows the process of a high-end spa in a beauty salon. The first thing she must do is to soak in a flower petal milk bath, then put on the disposable underwe@r provided by the beauty club, and receive a full body massage from a massager.

Elaine happily followed the clerk to the bathroom and found that a tank of water had been placed here, with milk, flower petals and bath salt added to the water, and immediately smiled and said, “Oh, your service is really in place. Come on, put the water away first.”