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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1887 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1887 Start

Regnar’s life has been miserable recently.

The eldest son Roger is still recovering from his injuries at home, and the second son Wu Qi’s condition has not improved. He has basically given up treatment.

In addition, Regnar’s wife Yaqina has divorced him recently.

The main reason for the divorce was the death of Nanshan and his wife Kaili.

Yaqina felt that Regnar didn’t protect her brother, nor did he find out who killed her brother.

In Yaqina’s eyes, what was even more exaggerated was that instead of helping her younger brother and avenge him, he was at home every day, scolding his dead brother bloody.

Of course Regnar hates Nanshan crazy.

In his opinion, it was the b@stard who completely ruined the reputation of the Wu family, so that the market value of the Wu family was directly cut down because of its reputation.

It was originally the first family in Aurous Hill, but now, it can’t even make the top ten in Aurous Hill.

What made him a little unacceptable was that his wife was so ignorant to praise!

He hadn’t blamed her for being too doting on her younger brother, causing the Wu family to be implicated, but she blamed him on the contrary, it is really unreasonable!

Because of this, the two of them simply fell into a long cold war.

Originally, Regnar spoiled his wife very much, but now he doesn’t even bother to care about her, and put all his thoughts into his career.

Now he has only one thought in his mind, which is to do everything possible to make the Wu family rise again!

At just this time, he was following up on a real estate project in Aurous Hill, so early this morning, he came to Aurous Hill from Suzhou for inspection.

Just when he first arrived at the project site, he received a call from Noah.

On the phone, Noah said flatly: “Hello, Mr. Regnar! I’m Noah, we haven’t seen you in a long time!”

Regnar said coldly: “Noah, you call me, what’s the matter?”

Noah hurriedly smiled and said, “Mr. Regnar, this is the case. Do you know that the New Year is coming? Our family wondered, saying that nothing will let Charlie’s family have a stable year, so we plan to confront Wade first today. His mother-in-law, Elaine, decided to find someone to give it to her first, and then take some photos and videos and upload them to the Internet, so that Charlie’s family will be disgraced!”

Regnar suddenly became interested, and his voice improved a little, “Huh? Noah, I heard that right, did your family finally dare to do something with Charlie?”

Noah said embarrassingly: “Mr. Regnar, I really didn’t think of a plan before, so I haven’t moved, but you can rest assured! This time we must do this thing beautifully!”

With that said, Noah said with a bit of bitterness: Charlie is in Aurous Hill. I heard that there seems to be a nickname called Real Dragon in the world. I want to see if his mother-in-law lets people play, what he is in this world after that. Can the true dragon’s face hang on it?”

When Regnar heard this, he smiled and said, “Not bad, not bad! Do this thing well, I will not treat you badly.”

Noah was overjoyed, and he was too busy to ask: “By the way, Mr. Regnar, I called you. I actually wanted to ask you if you know the little boss who runs the black coal kiln. If you know him, that’s really great. After I find someone to take care of Elaine, I will send her directly to the black coal mine!”