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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1884 Free Novel

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Charlie’s strength is very abnormal. If he is at home, finding his door with his son is equivalent to sending him to death.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help gritting his teeth: “Mom! I don’t need to trouble her today, but in any case, I can’t let Elaine wear those green hats for the New Year!”

Mrs. Willson said disdainfully: “If she likes to hang on, let her hang on! Now for our family, what counts for the face? Money is the most real thing!

Noah said angrily, “Then I can’t bear Elaine [email protected] forever, right? When is this the f*cking stop?”

Harold said with a black face at this time: “Dad! Didn’t you always say that you want to find a chance to engage in a wave of Elaine? If you want me to say, we want to do it as soon as possible! It’s best to do it before the New Year. Let Charlie’s family have a miserable year. If this happens, Mr. Regnar will also be able to explain it! Otherwise, we will never start with their family, Mr. Regnar will soon lose patience with us!”

Noah’s expression froze, and he blurted out: “Yes! stinky Elaine had a plaster on her leg before, and she stayed at home all day long and didn’t go out. We didn’t have a chance to fix her, but I think she seems to have the plaster removed now. Now, she has to prepare for the New Year in the next two days. In my opinion, Elaine will definitely go out. It is better to find a chance to provoke her and let her learn a lot!”

After that, he looked at Mrs. Willson again and asked, “Mom, what do you think?”

Mrs. Willson pondered for a moment, and nodded: “We really have to teach Elaine a lesson. At least we have to cause a little trouble for Charlie’s family, otherwise Regnar is not going to feel comfortable.”

Later, Mrs. Willson remembered something and said excitedly: “Regnar will just come to Aurous Hill tomorrow to inspect a few projects. It is estimated that he will spend the night in Aurous Hill!”

When Noah heard this, he quickly agreed: “Mom, isn’t this a good opportunity to give back to Mr. Regnar! Why did he let us live in this villa and return it to our Willson Group to invest? To put it bluntly, not just to let us be under the nose of Charlie’s family and disgust them? If we take the money and never do anything, if Mr. Regnar comes to blame someday, we’ll be in bad luck!”

Mrs. Willson hummed, and said: “If you do it often, let you figure out how to do this. I only ask for one thing. Don’t kill anyone, otherwise Regnar may not be able to keep us.”

Noah nodded and sneered: “Don’t worry, mom, I planned it a long time ago. I’m going to tie Elaine and take some unsightly photos of her. It’s best to find someone to get her [email protected] and let that family feel the shame!”

Mrs. Willson frowned, and said: “Noah, I have no objection if you find someone to do it, but you should never do it yourself!”

Noah nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Mom, I know it!”

Harold on the side hurriedly asked, “Dad, are you planning to start tomorrow?”

“Yes!” Noah grinned and said, “Tie her up tomorrow, and then wait for a show for President Wu tonight!”

Harold said hurriedly, “Dad, I used to know some friends, they were pretty reliable, and I can ask them to help!”

Noah smiled and said: “Okay! You go find a few young and strong people, and then find a van, I have a buddy who has a vacant warehouse in the suburbs, and then I will get Elaine there!”

Wendy on the side asked, “Dad, what if Elaine doesn’t go out tomorrow?”

Harold also nodded and said, “Yes, Dad, what if Elaine doesn’t go out?”

Noah said: “If Elaine doesn’t go out, let’s create an opportunity for her to go out! I have been observing her daily trajectory these days. Don’t worry, I have a way to get her out of home by herself!”