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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1882 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1882 Start

“That won’t work!” Elaine said stubbornly, “Those green hats are my magic weapon against the Willson family. I just want them to forcibly remember every day that Horiyah was pregn@nt outside with wild species!”

Elaine suddenly remembered something at this time, and said with a smile: “Hey! I will hang these lanterns and the green hats one by one in a while. When the lanterns are turned on, the red lanterns and the green hats are absolutely conspicuous! It will definitely anger the Willson family!”

Claire persuaded: “Mom, those who celebrate the New Year, have to be forgiving and forgetting of other’s past deeds!”

Elaine snorted coldly: “You don’t come to persuade me. It’s useless to persuade me. Don’t you know that your grandmother broke my leg? And my two front teeth are also lost thanks to her. I will never forgive her for this!”

Seeing her mother’s face full of determination, Claire felt a burst of powerlessness.

It seems that there is no possibility to persuade the mother to change her mind.

At this time, Elaine held a bunch of red lanterns by herself, and walked towards the elevator, and said as she walked: “I’m going to hang up the lanterns and hang them with the bunch of green hats!”

After half an hour.

Under the organization of Mrs. Willson, the Willson family was also lighting up the lights in their villa, so it was so lively.

The Willson family is not what it used to be. The Willson Group had previously received Regnar’s investment, and after repaying all the debts, it took another small project given by Regnar. Now it has turned a profit.

Mrs. Willson also took back the villa, antiques, and calligraphy and painting that had been seized by the bank before.

Because Regnar promised to lend the Tomson first-class luxury villa to their family for ten years, Mrs. Willson simply rented out the old villa and could earn some rent back.

The company has survived enough again, and all the previous assets have returned to her own hands. The current Mrs. Willson is very high-spirited.

Noah’s family knew that the happy life in the future depended almost entirely on the Old Lady, so they always treated her as the empress dowager Cixi.

Noah is also proud of the recent spring breeze. The Willson Group has come back to life. He and Harold and Wendy are in important positions in the group.

Harold and Wendy are re-living the lives of the rich second generation, and of course they are also full of joy.

Horiyah was the only one in the family who had the worst. No one gave her a good face all day long.

Noah and Mrs. Willson hated her deeply, but because of Regnar, they couldn’t drive her away, so they regarded her as a thorn in the eye.

Harold and Wendy also felt that their mother was too embarrassed to have been pregn@nt with wild species and contracted s3xually transmitted diseases, so they always ignored her every day.

Being rejected by the whole family made Horiyah very hurt.

Especially seeing the four people smiling every day, but she can only hold back at home, sweeping, cooking, and washing clothes, like a servant who doesn’t need money, she feels even more uncomfortable.

At this moment, seeing that they were all preparing various decorations for the New Year, Horiyah stepped forward, licking her face and said flatly, “Oh, mom, I will help! You forgot that we lived in the past. When I was in the old villa, the decorations and arrangments of the house were all made by me as soon as the Chinese New Year came!”

Mrs. Willson glared at her, and said in disgust: “What’s the matter with you? Hurry up and clean the windows! I tell you, as soon as today is over, there will be three days before the New Year. You must have all windows in the villa all spotless!”