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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1881 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1881 Start

As soon as Cynthia left, Issac hurriedly asked the three employees: “What happened just now?”

Lily choked and said: “Mr. Issac, Miss Cynthia was angry and raised the table. Sister Nan took us over to clean the glass ballast. As a result, Miss Cynthia suddenly acted on us and kicked Sister Nan in the stomach. Sister Nan is pregn@nt. She is pregn@nt, I wanted to call an ambulance, and the Lady smashed my phone…”

Sister Nan, who was sitting on the ground with a painful face, said: “Mr. Issac, I am to blame for this. You must not get angry. If the company wants to punish, please punish me alone!”

Issac sighed and said, “I blame myself for this. I didn’t protect you. I will arrange for someone to take you to the hospital immediately. In addition, I will give you at least one month’s vacation and give you a compensation of 200,000 each.”

After finishing speaking, he looked at the supervisor sitting on the ground and said seriously: “Sister Nan, I will contact the best gynecologist in Aurous Hill to help you with the baby, and make sure that the child is fine at all costs. If the child can be saved, I will make up for your 200,000 fetal expenses; if can’t keep it, I will make up for you 500,000, and then give you one year of paid leave, and go back to take a good rest, and actively prepare for pregnancy!”

When Issac said so, everyone was immediately relieved.

They also worried that Issac would obey Cynthia’s request and punish them severely.

Unexpectedly, it is really rare for Issac to take care of them so much.

Seeing the three women crying and thanking him one after another, Issac couldn’t help persuading them, so he greeted the security team and rushed them to the hospital.

After all three of them were sent to the hospital, he sighed sadly in the office alone: ​​”Hey, I really don’t know how long Cynthia, the aunt, will be tossing in Aurous Hill, let alone what she will do too much. It’s a pity that she is a member of the Wade family after all. No matter what, I can’t suppress her at all. If she really wants to cause trouble in Aurous Hill, I have nothing to do. It seems that I can only hope for her immediate return!”


Charlie didn’t pay attention to his aunt, let alone take it to heart. After returning home, he began to prepare for the New Year with his family.

Since it was the first Spring Festival in the Tomson Villa, the family of four paid great attention to the sense of ceremony of the Spring Festival this year.

Claire bought a lot of decorative window grilles, stickers, red lanterns and other accessories, intending to make her home more festive.

Although Elaine is lazy, she has a strong vanity. She also wants to set out her home as soon as possible, and then take more photos to show off in her circle of friends, so she is busy with Claire.

After Charlie came back, he joined them.

Claire took out a bunch of beautifully made red lanterns from the big carton that she bought online, and said to Elaine: “Mom, I want to decorate both the third and second floor terraces. Hang this on the railings of the terrace. Plant red lanterns and turn them on after dark, the effect must be particularly good.”

Elaine agreed without hesitation: “Okay! New Year, just have to be a little festive, I’ll go hang up later!”

Claire hurriedly said, “Mom, I have another business, I want to discuss it with you.”

Elaine smiled and said, “Okay! Just talk about it!”

Claire said embarrassingly: “You have been hanging a lot of green hats on the terrace on the third floor. This is New Year. It is really inappropriate to hang so many green hats, so let’s remove the hats. Right!”

When Elaine heard these words, she immediately blurted out without hesitation: “So how do you do it! Those green hats are all prepared for the Old Master Noah, so that after he gets up every day, he opens his eyes and sees this. He piled up green hats, and then was gloomy all day. If I take them away, wouldn’t it be a waste of money for him?”

Claire helplessly said, “Mom! Every family is full of lights and festivities for the celebration of the New Year. If we still have so many green hats, it will not look good at that time!”