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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1880 Free Novel

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The prepared western dining table had already been lifted by her, and the ground was full of mess.

Because there was a lot of broken glass ballast on the ground, the female superviser of Hanging Garden was afraid that Cynthia might accidentally injure herself with the glass ballast, so she hurried over with two waiters to clean it.

Cynthia was full of sorrow and anger and had nowhere to vent. Seeing that the superviser came with two waiters, she was immediately furious. She went up and grabbed one of the girls. She raised her hand and pulled her face, while beating, she cursed and said in her mouth: “Did I let you come? Did I let you come?!”

The girl was slapped several times, crying and begging: “Miss you, calm down, I am afraid that you will be injured by the glass ballast, so I came quickly to clean the glass ballast…”

Cynthia’s heart was still very angry, and even increased a bit of strength in her hands, and yelled: “b@stard thing! I let you out, you can come out, I don’t let you out, I better not even see your!”

Seeing this, the superviser hurriedly stepped forward and begged: “Miss, don’t be angry, this was my own opinion, so I ran into you…”

Cynthia observed angrily, kicked the superviser’s stomach, and cursed coldly: “Things that don’t have eyes! All three of you have been fired. Get out!”

The superviser was kicked by Cynthia and sat down on the ground.

The ground was full of glass ballast, so she immediately felt a few pieces of glass ballast pierced into the flesh.

However, at this moment, she did not care about the severe pain caused by the glass ballast. She was pale and clutching her belly, and said in pain: “My stomach hurts… Lily, please call me an ambulance……”

Lili was the other of the two waiters. She was not beaten by Cynthia because she was standing a little far away from her.

As soon as she saw the superviser holding her stomach and her face in pain, she immediately asked with concern, “Sister Nan, are you okay? Hold on, I’ll call 120!”

Cynthia looked at the superviser contemptuously, and said disgustedly, “What kind of pity do you pretend to be in front of me? Do you want me to lose money to you?”

The girl who was dialing the phone suddenly rebuked, “Why are you like this! Sister Nan is three months pregn@nt! You are still kicking her belly. If the child has something long and two short, no matter how much money she has It can’t solve the problem!”

Cynthia couldn’t help frowning, and said coldly: “What are you, dare you to talk to me with this attitude?!”

The girl blurted out without showing weakness: “We are human! Not a thing! Even if we are not as high as you, our body is given by our parents! Why are you hitting us?!”

Cynthia is almost furious!

She grew up so big, in addition to behaving like a good woman with her tail clipped in front of her father, no one had ever dared to disobey her and talk to her in such a tone!

But here today, she has been confronted by Charlie and several waiters one after another, and she is naturally annoyed.

At this moment, she completely ignored the fact that the superviser was pregnant, and took a step forward, grabbed her mobile phone from the girl who had smashed her into the hands of the girl who was waiting for the 120-sound station to answer, and slammed it directly on the ground.

Immediately afterwards, she immediately raised her hand and slapped her face, slapped her face fiercely, and gritted her teeth and cursed: “Shame on her face, and dare to yell at me here, don’t you know who I am?!”

As she was talking, Issac stepped forward, and when he saw this, he hurriedly stepped forward and asked: “Miss, what’s the matter with you?”

Seeing Issac’s arrival, Cynthia said coldly: “Okay, you are here just right! I ask you, how do you manage this group of people under your hands? Even they dare to stand in front of me?!”

When Issac saw that all three of his employees had been beaten, he didn’t need to ask them to know that Cynthia must have vented her anger towards Charlie on them, so he immediately said respectfully, “Miss, don’t worry, these three do not have long eyes. I must deal with the person seriously! Don’t get angry, I will send you back to your room to rest first?”

Cynthia was also suffocated with anger, and looked at Issac and said coldly: “Completely block these three b*tches for me!”

After that, she stretched out her hand and slapped Lily’s face again, before turning around and leaving…