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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 188 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 188 Start

As for him, the “live-in son-in-law” of the Willson family, this group of people has never seen it directly!

Even Charlie didn’t pay attention to him at all!

It was only Jacob who cared about his family and couldn’t bear to give up!

And Claire has always been bullied, and the identity of the cooperator with the Emgrand Group has always been missed by everyone in the Willson family!

The entire Willson family was firmly crushed on their heads!

Any bullying!

Charlie looked at his wife and put it down for the time being, but he didn’t expect this group of people to be so shameless that they wanted to take their villa!

“Charlie, how dare you talk to grandma like this!” Harold shouted angrily, “I have to teach you today!”

“Only you?” Charlie sneered and said contemptuously: “Harold, to me Charlie, you are just a poor worm, humble like an ant!”

“Presumptuous.” The Old Mrs. Willson stood up suddenly and sternly shouted: “Charlie, you kneel down and apologized, and then give up the villa, I will forgive you this time! Otherwise, I will let Claire and you now Divorce. I will drive you out of Willson’s house and leave you on the streets. You can’t survive!”

Claire, who kept her head down, raised her head abruptly, stood in front of Charlie, and said, “I don’t agree! Are you my grandmother? Or are you the Patriarch of the Willson family?! You oppress me so much. Dad, bullying Charlie, do you still treat my family as your own family!”

“I will never divorce Charlie!”

“You” the Old Mrs. Willson almost turned her back in anger, pointed her finger at Claire’s nose, and shouted at Jacob sharply: “Look at your good daughter, who turned her elbow out! Let her kneel down together!”

Jacob slowly raised his head, staring directly at the Old Mrs. Willson.

After changing his previous cringe, Jacob’s expression was also very dissatisfied.

Noah froze for a moment. His second brother is usually very useless and is led by a strict wife at home. He didn’t dare to talk back in front of Mrs. Willson, but now he dares to look directly at Mrs. Willson with contempt?

He shouted sharply: “Second brother, don’t you hurry up to tell your daughter-in-law to kneel down and let mother calm down?!”

And Jacob, who is usually the timidest, turned blue at this time, and said, “Brother, someone gave Charlie the villa. What he wants to do with it is his business. Who my daughter married? You can’t control things! This villa is worth more than one billion, almost more than the assets of the entire Willson family. Why do you want to occupy it?”

“You shameless son!!” Old Mrs. Willson was trembling with anger, grabbed the teacup on the mahogany table and threw it at Jacob.

Jacob didn’t dodge or hide, and was hit by a “bang” on his head with a teacup, leaving a big bruise.

The tea dripped down his face, and the tea dregs splashed all over his body.

He remained motionless.

“Dad!” Claire yelled heartbreakingly, her eyes suddenly red.

She can be humiliated, but she cannot tolerate others to humiliate her father!

Jacob let the tea flow on his face, raised his head coldly, and said, “Mom, if there is nothing else, we will leave now.”

After speaking, he said “Let’s go” to Charlie and Claire next to him, then turned around and walked outside the door without looking back.

Claire wiped away tears, glanced bitterly at the people in the hall, and turned away without hesitation.

Charlie didn’t even look at everyone, and turned around to leave.

Noah Willson was so mad, he was about to run away!