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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1874 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1874 Start

Cynthia walked very fast, the stride meteor came in and went straight to the dining table where Charlie was.

And Issac followed her step by step with a respectful attitude.

When Charlie was still a few meters away, Cynthia smiled and said, “Oh, Charlie, I haven’t seen him for so many years, and he has grown into a handsome young man!”

Charlie looked at Cynthia and found some childhood memories on her face.

So he laughed and said, “I will be 27 years old soon, and I am not a big or small guy anymore.”

Cynthia looked very intimate, and said with a smile: “Oh, you look so much like your dad! It’s like a mold!”

Charlie nodded and smiled: “Compared with the previous years, Auntie seems to have not changed much.”

Cynthia laughed and said: “A dozen or twenty years have passed in a blink of an eye, and I am almost 50 years old. How could I be the same as before.”

At this time, Issac had already taken Cynthia’s seat away carefully.

When Cynthia sat down, he glanced at Charlie’s side, and saw that Charlie had always been sitting on the chair, but he hadn’t stood up before she took a seat. She couldn’t help feeling a little dissatisfied.

According to the rules, the younger generation at the dinner table should stand up and wait respectfully when the elders arrive.

If the elders speak, the younger ones must bend over and lower their heads to listen carefully;

If the elder is seated, the younger must wait until the elder is seated and when the elder indicates only then he can sit.

But Charlie did well, his looked like he was on a chair all the way, not to mention standing up, he didn’t even bother to move.

Cynthia felt annoyed all at once.

She actually didn’t have a good impression of Charlie.

If Charlie keeps missing, never shows up again, it is naturally best for her.

But she didn’t expect that this kid had been missing for so many years, and suddenly jumped out to divide the assets of the Wade Family.

What made her even more unacceptable was that the Old Master gave him Emgrand Group and 10 billion cash, which was not enough, and he wanted him to return to the Wade family.

She looked at Charlie, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, had an easy-going temperament, and had some ignorance of etiquette, and she said in her heart: “What qualifications does such a person have to return to the Wade family? Any direct member of the Wade family has received aristocratic education since childhood. Then he went abroad to receive advanced studies. Compared with Charlie, who only spent a year as a senior in Aurous Hill, it is almost a heaven and earth difference. Letting such a semi-illiterate return to Wade Family will definitely lose Wade Family’s face!”

However, although Cynthia didn’t like Charlie very much in her heart, she did not dare to refuse the father’s explanation.

After all, after she and her husband were completely separated, her wishful thinking was to return to the Wade family, so that in the future, she would get a share of the family’s assets.

But after all, she was a married woman, and she wanted to return to her natal family to separate the family property. She herself was very repelled by the Andrew and Changyun brothers.

In this case, if Cynthia still wants to get some of her assets, she must have her father’s strong support.

Therefore, she has always been the only one in the Wade family.

She usually has eyes above the top, no one is in the eye, and everyone does not dare to contradict her, but she did not dare to disobey the Old Master.

Moreover, whenever the Old Master confessed to her, she always went all out to make the Old Master happy.

Therefore, she also warned herself in her heart: “This time, I have to do the things my father arranged for me beautifully! Let’s not say that I can persuade Charlie to return to the Wade family, at least let him agree. For the Lunar New Year, he has to go back to Wade’s house to spend time with the Old Master!”

Thinking of this, she suppressed her dissatisfaction with Charlie, and said with a smile: “Charlie, you have really suffered in Aurous Hill these years. My family hasn’t seen you for so many years, and all of them miss you very much. When do you want to come home and have a look?”