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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1873 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1873 Start

Charlie stepped into the restaurant department of Shangri-La.

The huge food and beverage department is indeed empty today.

The waiters also evacuated a lot of arrangments. According to Issac, he was afraid that there would be too many waiters, which made Cynthia upset.

Charlie walked through the outer restaurant of the catering department and came directly to the Hanging Garden in the center. In the Hanging Garden Banquet Hall at this time, the eighty-eight banquet tables have been completely removed, and only one is left in the center. A well-made Western-style dining table.

Charlie didn’t need to think about it. The removal of the eighty-eight banquet tables and chairs must have been instructed by his aunt.

Therefore, he felt a little upset in his heart.

Although Charlie hadn’t met this aunt until now, he felt very disgusted by his aunt’s style of being a relative of the ancient emperor.

Even if Charlie now has nearly 60 billion in cash in his bank card, he still has no intention of showing off.

Not to mention that eating a meal is a waste of time and money, even if he is allowed to eat a bowl of beef noodles for ten at a roadside ramen restaurant, he will not feel anything wrong.

Moreover, in order to have a meal, the entire Shangri-La field and the entire Hanging Garden were emptied, and it was really impossible for Charlie to experience any superiority.

On the contrary, this will make him very repulsive and resistant.

Accompanied by Issac, Charlie came to the only table.

The dining table is about two meters long and one meter wide, with two seats placed at both ends.

Issac personally opened one of the seats for Charlie and said, “Master I have to apologize for keeping you waiting here for a while.”

Charlie nodded lightly and said, “Okay, go ahead and wait for her here. I will just play on my mobile phone.”

Issac asked hurriedly, “Master would you like to drink something first, I’ll let someone help you prepare it.”

Charlie said, “Just give me a glass of boiled water.”

“OK, Young Master.”

Charlie sat at the dining table alone, fiddling with his cell phone, just in time to receive a message from Nanako: “What is Master Wade doing?”

Charlie smiled knowingly when he saw her message, and replied, “Preparing to eat outside, how about you?”

Nanako replied: “I just came back from the hospital and accompanied my father in the hospital.”

Later, Nanako sent another message: “Master, does your wife like the ring you gave? Is the size of the ring still appropriate?”

Charlie replied: “She liked it, thank you for helping me try the ring, the size of the ring is also very suitable.”

Nanako sent a smiling face and said, “That would be great! It will be the Chinese Lunar New Year in four days. I wish Master Wade a Happy New Year in advance!”

With a smile on his face, Charlie typed his fingertips and replied: “Thank you! How is Mr. Ito doing?”

Nanako replied: “The doctor said that after a few days of training, he can be discharged from the hospital.”

“That’s good.” Charlie just sent these three words, and at the entrance of the Hanging Garden, a woman dressed in luxurious and splendid walked in.

This woman, looking at her age, is about forty years old, wearing a limited edition Chanel costume, with short and medium hair dyed in yellow. Her face was not beautiful, except for her indifferent appearance. Kind of a very mean feeling.

This woman is Charlie’s aunt, Cynthia.