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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1872 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1872 Start

The next day, Claire got up early to go to work at the company.

Charlie had eaten breakfast made by Elaine, and spent the whole day thinking about Cynthia’s affairs.

Since Stephen found him, until now, the Wade family has never directly appeared in his life.

Charlie, also liked this situation where he didn’t have to deal with the Wade family.

However, Cynthia broke the silence between him and the Wade family this time, which also means that the Wade family has begun to want to win over him, and for whatever purpose they do not want for him to stay in Aurous Hill.

Even if he saw his aunt today and refused her request, the Wade family would definitely give up.

It seems that the Wade Family will become a long-term trouble for him in the future.


At 5:30 in the afternoon, Charlie said hello to his mother-in-law Elaine, telling her that he would have something tonight and not eat at home.

Later, he went out alone and took a taxi to Shangri-La.

Issac wanted to pick him up by car, but Charlie refused.

The Wade family always thought that Issac was theirs. If Issac behaved too diligently to him, the Wade family might be aware of the abnormality.

When Charlie arrived at the Shangri-La catering department, Issac was already waiting here in person.

Seeing Charlie arrived, Issac immediately stepped forward and said respectfully: “Master you are here.”

Charlie nodded and asked him, “Where is my aunt? Is she here?”

“Here.” Issac wiped the sweat from his forehead and whispered: “Your aunt said that she was a little tired. I arranged for a spa masseur to go to her room to serve her. It will take more than half an hour to finish the work.”

Charlie smiled faintly: “All right, then take me to the box first.”

Issac hurriedly said, “You two will have dinner in the sky garden tonight.”

Charlie couldn’t help but frown. He remembered the Hanging Garden, where the wedding he had made up for Claire was held there.

The Hanging Garden is a huge banquet hall with no boxes and translucent glass around it. It is usually a dining place for top Shangri-La members. Choosing to eat there will inevitably be seen by other guests.

So Charlie asked him, “Are there many guests tonight? In case many people see me having dinner with her, and then recognize her, it might expose my identity.”

Issac shrugged and said, “Don’t worry, Shangri-La tonight has completely cleared the entire catering department. Whether it is the outside box or the sky garden, there are no other guests tonight.”

Charlie asked in surprise: “It’s not enough to clear a sky garden? The boxes, Chinese restaurant and western restaurant outside are also cleared?”

“Yes.” Issac said: “The catering department will only entertain you and your aunt tonight.”

Charlie said awkwardly: “There is no need to toss like this, just find a higher-grade box?”

Issac lowered his voice and said in Charlie’s ear: “Master you may not know your aunt, she has always been like this.”

After speaking, Issac said again: “Your aunt usually has eyes above the top, and she has always sneered at a third-tier city like Aurous Hill, and asked her to eat with locals in a third-tier city like this. In her eyes, it’s an insult to her…”

“What insult?” Charlie said with a bit of disgust: “No matter how pompous you are, don’t you still have to eat, drink and sleep like ordinary people? What’s the point of doing this kind of specialization everywhere?”