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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1866 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1866 Start

Claire heard the door ring, turned her head and found that it is Charlie. She ran over to him in surprise, and exclaimed in excitement: “Husband, why are you back today? Yesterday you said I might have to wait for two more days?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Can’t I surprise you!”

After speaking, Claire ran up to him and plunged into his arms.

In the past few days that Charlie went to Japan, Claire missed him every night.

Before that, she rarely felt this way.

Charlie missed her when he went to Eastcliff, but she didn’t think so much.

Therefore, when she saw Charlie suddenly come back, she ignored her all-time reservedness and hugged him directly.

Charlie didn’t expect that his wife would hug him directly in front of the old man and mother-in-law, and for a while, he was a little delighted and embarrassed.

So, he said to Claire: “Wife, if you want to hug, you have to wait until we return to the room. After all, your parents are still watching.”

Claire also recovered and blushed all of a sudden.

She was a little shy and fearful and said: “We just watched TV. It turned out that there was a massacre that killed more than 30 people in Japan a few days ago. It is really scary!”

Charlie asked in surprise: “Has it been reported in China?”

“Yeah!” Claire nodded and said seriously: “Several TV stations are broadcasting, and it seems that they are still sending out troops to arrest suspects at the airport. They at once arrested three buses. The law and order seems terrible. Now, I know if it was so messy over there, and I won’t let you go if I knew anything!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Don’t know how messy there is, but it should be an accident.”

Elaine had already run over happily at this time and said excitedly: “Oh my dear son-in-law, you are finally back! You don’t know how much your mom missed you when you went to Japan these days!”

Jacob immediately dismantled the platform from the side and hummed: “You don’t miss Charlie, you are thinking about what he brought you!”

Elaine immediately glared at Jacob and cursed: “Jacob, you don’t bullsh*t! I said it from the bottom of my heart. Even if my good son-in-law doesn’t bring me anything, I miss him!”

Elaine finished cursing in this voice, immediately turned to look at Charlie, and asked with a smile: “Good son-in-law, have you come back this time, have you brought a gift for mom?”

Charlie nodded: “Take it, take it all.”

With that, he took out the gift he bought.

He first took out the ring that was bought for Claire, handed it to his wife’s hand, and said, “My wife, this is for you. Open it!”

Claire asked in surprise, “What is it?”

Charlie smiled and said, “You’ll know by unpacking and taking a look.”

Elaine also hurriedly urged: “Claire, you quickly open it, and let Mom open her eyes to see what gift the good son-in-law has prepared for you!”