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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1865 Free Novel

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Hearing Charlie’s question, Issac was also puzzled: “Master to be honest, don’t know your aunt. In my capacity, it’s actually difficult to have direct contact with the Wade family’s direct members. Steward Stephen will have more daily contact with them. Why don’t you call and ask him?”

Charlie waved his hand and said indifferently: “Forget it, it doesn’t make sense to call and ask. Soldiers will stop you and the water will cover you. Let’s see what she wants to do first.”

Issac asked again: “Then will you go to dinner with her tomorrow?”

Charlie nodded: “Go, if you set a time, tell me directly when the time comes, and you won’t use it to pick me up, I will come by myself.”


Charlie thought of his aunt’s previous appearance. In his mind, she was a relatively mean and evil woman. When he was five years old, she married a young master from a quasi-first-line family in Eastcliff, and later gave birth to a son. Don’t know his name.

So Charlie asked Issac: “Old man, what is the status of my aunt at Wade’s house now? It stands to reason that she is married, so she should not be able to intervene in family’s affairs anymore?

Issac replied truthfully: “Master your aunt has separated from her lover a long time ago, and since the separation, she moved back to the family.”

Charlie frowned and asked, “Separated? What’s the matter?”

Issac chuckled and said, “In fact, we shouldn’t say such things, but since you asked, Master I will tell you…”

Immediately, Issac gave a slight pause and explained: “When your Aunt married to the Sun family, although the Sun family is not as good as the Wade family, it is still a quasi-first-line family in the entire Eastcliff family. The overall strength is also very good. However. Six or seven years ago, the Sun family bet on the steel industry and invested a lot of money to build a steel group. It coincided with the continuous collapse of the steel industry, so the Sun family also lost a lot of money, and the family industry lost at least half of its assets.”

Speaking of this, Issac smiled helplessly: “Since the sun’s family was gone, your aunt had always wanted to get a divorce, but Master Wade felt that the divorce was detrimental, so he didn’t let her leave. Fortunately, your aunt moved from the sun’s family. Come out, went back to the Wade family, and then start working in the family again.”

Charlie nodded lightly and hummed: “It seems that my aunt is not a fuel-efficient lamp.”

Issac smiled and said: “Your aunt’s temper is really bad, and she is also famous in Eastcliff, so when you meet with her tomorrow, if there is something wrong, don’t be too impulsive.”

“Okay, I see.” Charlie smiled faintly and said: “In fact, I can guess without thinking, she probably wants me to return to Wade’s house.”

“Yes.” Issac agreed and said: “I think so, but steward Stephen said that Master Wade really wants you to go back. Considering that you may be more resistant at first, so it didn’t make this matter clear.”

Charlie smiled and said, “This time the Su family’s accident, the Wade family should be very happy, right?”

Issac also smiled and said, “You really did a great favor to the Wade family. The Su family has not suffered such a big loss in many years. Master should be very happy.”

Charlie put away his smile, sighed, and his eyes became more determined and said: “These two families, whichever one is the only one, is cheaper than the other. One day, if I can step on them together, it will be considered a real success!”


When Issac drove to the door of Tomson, it was already eleven o’clock at night.

Charlie carried the suitcase, walked into Tomson alone, came to the door of his villa, swiped his card directly into the yard.

The room was brightly lit. Charlie opened the door directly with fingerprints before his wife and father-in-law were asleep.

At this time, Claire, Jacob and Elaine’s family of three are sitting in the living room, watching TV intently.