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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1864 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1864 Start

As for Charlie’s generation, they are generally called Young Master and Young Miss.

On the phone, Cynthia spoke with a high-pitched tone, “Issac, are you in Aurous Hill recently?”

Issac hurriedly said respectfully: “Miss back, I’m in Aurous Hill.”

Cynthia gave a hum, and said, “Tomorrow, vacate the presidential suite of Shangri-La Hotel, and arrange for a convoy to pick me up from the airport. I will fly there in the morning.”

Cynthia usually travels by private jet, so there is no specific departure time at all.

Get up early and go a little earlier; get up late and go a little later.

After listening, Issac asked in surprise: “Miss, you are coming to Aurous Hill?! Don’t know what else needs to be prepared next?”

Cynthia asked, “What has Charlie been up to lately?”

“Young Master…” Issac glanced at Charlie, who was expressionless in the back seat, through the rearview mirror of the car, and said: “He is not busy, he should be at home with his wife. Right.”

Cynthia said in a somewhat contemptuous tone: “The dignified young master of the Wade family, it’s not fine to join a low-class family in a third-rate city. Gave him an Emgrand group. If he doesn’t manage it well, he only knows how to stay home with his wife and do housework every day. Pathetic!”

Issac was embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer the conversation for a while. After thinking for a while, he asked, “Miss, are you here this time to see Young Master?”

“Right.” Cynthia said, “Tomorrow night, let Charlie come to Shangri-La to see me, so I will invite him to dinner.”

Issac hurriedly said, “Oh, well, I’ll talk to him later.”

“Yeah.” Cynthia said: “By the way, I am a person who recognizes a bed when sleeping. What brand of bed does the Master bedroom of your presidential suite use?”

Issac thought for a while and said: “It seems to be the black label series of Simmons in the United States, all imported with original packaging.”

Cynthia blurted out: “Replace it! Change to a bed from Swedish Heisteng, and ask for their high-end series.”

Heisteng’s bedding can be said to be the most expensive bed in the world. Any entry-level mattress costs hundreds of thousands, and a high-end series mattress costs millions.

If you add the bed frame, at least two million.

Even a five-star hotel would not use such an expensive bed.

But now that Cynthia has spoken, Issac can only agree and say: “Miss, Aurous Hill might not have a Heisteng store. In this way, I will arrange for someone to buy it at Zhonghai tomorrow morning, and then drive it back to replace it.”

“Yeah.” Cynthia’s voice sounded satisfactory, and continued: “Yes, there are quilts. I want to cover the quilt made of Icelandic goose down. Arrange it as well for me.”

Iceland goose down is the world’s top and most precious and rarest top down. It uses soft down on the [email protected] and underarms of the Iceland goose duck. It is very precious and is made into a quilt, which costs at least one million.

In other words, if Cynthia came to stay one night, just preparing the bed and quilt would cost at least three million.

Issac did not dare to have any doubts, and immediately said: “OK eldest lady, I will do everything tomorrow.”

Cynthia hummed: “Okay, so be it, I’ll hang up.”

After speaking, she directly hung up the phone.

Charlie frowned at this moment and asked: “My aunt, suddenly coming to see me, what kind of medicine is sold in the gourd?”