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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1863 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1863 Start

Charlie’s plane landed safely at Aurous Hill Airport at around ten o’clock that night.

In order to give Claire a surprise, he didn’t tell her of his coming back tonight.

Issac had already arranged the convoy to pick up from the plane, so when everyone got off the plane, they shared several cars and went home.

Orvel and Liang left separately, and Issac took the initiative to drive Charlie back to Tomson, Charlie naturally did not refuse.

After getting in the car, Issac smiled and said to him as he drove, “Master this time we made the Su family so miserable. If the Su family knows about it, I’m afraid it will be desperate with us…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Charlie said with a smile: “The Su family is now hard to protect itself. It has lost so many people. it will not be able to recover in a few years. It must be overwhelming in recent years.

“This is…” Issac sighed: “Ruoli, who was so distracted by the people of Eastcliff, was also brought in by you. The Su family really suffered a heavy loss this time.”

“Ruoli?” Charlie frowned and asked, “Who is Ruoli?”

Issac said: “This is the woman you greeted on the plane. She is Su Ruoli, one of the strongest players in the Su family.”

“Oh?” Charlie asked curiously: “Is she the heir of the Su family?”

“No.” Issac said: “She just happened to be Su. She joined the Su family at the age of 18 and it has only been three years now. However, in the past three years, there has been a lot of noise, and the strength is really intolerable.”

Charlie nodded lightly and smiled: “Unfortunately, I don’t have a chance to discuss with her.”

Issac laughed and said, “Master she is also a master among ordinary people. How can she be compared with you? If you just say a word of thunder, I think Ruoli will turn to ashes!”

Charlie said indifferently: “Thunder this kind of thing can’t be used too often, I have the opportunity in the future, I still hope to learn from real martial arts masters.”

Issac said: “The national martial arts masters are basically in Eastcliff. Some serve the top families.”

Charlie smiled slightly: “If I have the opportunity, I can go to Eastcliff again.”

While talking, Issac’s cell phone rang suddenly.

He kept his cell phone on the cell phone holder in the car. He looked down and exclaimed: “Master it is your aunt who is calling…”

“My aunt?” Charlie frowned, and the image of a young woman appeared in his mind.

He had an impression of his aunt. Aunt Cynthia was two years younger than his father. She was not close to his father before, and naturally she was not so close to a family of three.

In his memory, his aunt was a relatively snobby woman, because she felt that the uncle was the eldest son, so the aunt had been close to him since he was a child.

Moreover, because the uncle and dad were a little uncomfortable, the aunt stood in the uncle’s camp. Before, she always tried every means to help the uncle run against his dad. This was what bored Charlie.

Issac was also a little puzzled at this time, saying: “I have no contact with your aunt. Don’t know why she called me suddenly, so I will answer it first.”

“Good.” Charlie exhorted: “Don’t disclose any information about me.”

“OK Master!”

Issac said, reaching out and pressing the answer button.

As soon as the phone call connected, he respectfully said: “Hello, Miss Wade!”

Issac was a subordinate of the Wade family, and the subordinates were called by the main family. Except for the Old Master, Andrew, Changying and Cynthia were all major members.