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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1862 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1862 Start

“Yeah.” Chengfeng said: “You have to adjust yourself, don’t put all your thoughts on Ruoli. Now the Su family’s trouble is even greater. After returning, we will have a meeting to discuss the feasible solutions at this stage. The plan, if we don’t quickly fill up the lost power, some families will be ready to move!”

“Ok, I see!”


At this moment.

Eastcliff, Wade family.

The major news of the Su family in Japan has instantly detonated the entire Eastcliff public opinion.

All the families were shocked by this news, because no one expected that the Su family, as the top family in China, would suffer such a big loss and encounter such a big failure in Japan.

However, this news is a piece of huge bad news for the Su family, but for other families, it is a piece of good news that cannot be better!

The strength of the Su Family in Eastcliff is indeed too strong. Except for the Wade Family’s barely able to fight them, the gap between the other families and them can be described as heaven and earth.

Now the strength of the Su family has been severely damaged. For other families, the gap with the Su family has naturally narrowed, so everyone is naturally happy to watch the Su family’s jokes.

Among them, the Wade Family was naturally the most excited one, not all of them.

Zhongquan was pacing back and forth in the living room of the villa with excitement, saying, “The masters of the Su family have always been a problem to my heart, especially that Ruoli, young and strong, scary, and capable of doing things. She is very strong, and the execution is outrageous. She has always been a thorn in my eye and a thorn in my flesh. I didn’t expect that this time the full fold will be in Japan! It is great!”

“Yeah!” Andrew on the side was also full of excitement: “The Su family is really losing money this time. The top masters have been swept up by Japan. For a long time in the future, they will all have their tails in their hands!”

Zhongquan nodded and asked him, “How is Morgan talking with Takehiko?”

Andrew shrugged: “Morgan met Takehiko at the hospital, but Takehiko doesn’t seem to be interested in continuing this business at this stage, so he doesn’t seem to be too caring.”

Zhongquan said: “It is understandable. After all, even ordinary people may not accept this kind of thing after losing their legs. What’s more, Takehiko, Japan’s top rich man, is understandable to face a period of depression.”

Andrew asked again: “Then should I let Morgan come back, or let him stay in Tokyo to see?”

Zhongquan thought for a while and said, “Let him stay in Tokyo first, and then visit Takehiko in two days. Maybe his attitude will loosen. Now there are still a few days before the Chinese New Year. Let Morgan stay in Tokyo until the twelfth lunar month. Then come back again.”

“Okay.” Andrew nodded and said, “Cynthia will go to Aurous Hill tomorrow morning. It would be great if Charlie is willing to come back for the New Year!”

Cynthia chuckled and said casually: “It is good if Charlie is willing to come back. If not, we can’t force it…”

Zhongquan said very seriously: “The Wade family itself is not considered prosperous. If Charlie is willing to come back, it will not only give the Wade family a boost, but also lock us in a marriage partner in advance. I dare not say that he can do it. Zhiyu from the Su family, but at least that Sara from the Gu family is within easy reach. Marriage with the Gu family is not bad. At least the two can be combined to suppress the Su family!”