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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1861 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1861 Start

“Selling face?”

When Chengfeng heard this, he said with some emotion: “In this world, everything can be clearly priced. People say that the crime of killing his father is greater than the sky. Then you give him 100 million, ten 100 million, or even 10 billion, 100 billion, there is always a price that can move him.”

After that, he changed his words: “But! The key is how much money it costs to buy this face? If it really costs 10 billion, or even 100 billion, do you want to buy it too?”

Zynn fell silent all at once.

He really wanted to save Ruoli.

Ruoli, she is her own flesh and blood. Tiger poison still doesn’t eat her, how can he watch her die?

Ruoli, is the top master of the Su family, and she is still young, if she can be rescued, then she can make a great contribution to the Su family in the future.

However, no matter whether it is sentiment or reason, the cost must always be weighed before calculating the plan to be implemented.

If it is really necessary to pay a price of tens of billions or hundreds of billions, the Su family may not agree to it.

After all, apart from him and the Old Master, no one in the Su family knew that Ruoli was his daughter, and they thought it was a subordinate of the Su family.

It’s fair to spend tens of millions for a subordinate. A top expert like Ruoli spends a few hundred million, and he just bites his teeth and accepts it.

But if you really want to spend more money, this matter will be clearly out of balance in the eyes of outsiders. At that time, even if they barely accept it, they will definitely wonder if there is any hidden truth in it.

Seeing that he fell silent, Chengfeng said with comfort: “Zynn, if Ruoli is the flesh and blood of the Su family, your daughter, and my granddaughter, I certainly hope that she will be safe, but when doing business, we must weigh the pros and cons in everything. Disadvantages, or advantages equal disadvantages, can be done, but if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, don’t force it.”

Zynn asked in anguish: “Dad, tell me, how much cost and price the Su family is willing to bear for Ruoli? We also paid a great price to rescue Zhifei and Zhiyu this time…”

Chengfeng thought for a while, and said: “if Ruoli is illegitimate after all, her identity is shameful, so I can’t equate her with Zhiyu. Let’s do it, within one billion, so that the accounting can be hidden. High, it’s troublesome for other people or your wife to ask.”

Zynn hesitated for a moment and said, “Well, I will try it first, and I will fly to Osaka after a while to see if I can find the key person to mediate.”

Chengfeng said: “Don’t go. The Japanese government has long known that you are behind the scenes, but they don’t want to get into trouble with Su’s family for the time being, so they won’t go further after arresting those who did it. But if you still don’t understand a little bit and leave Japan as soon as possible, in case there are changes in this matter, if someone among our people confessed your name, I’m afraid the Japanese government will change their mind and take you!”

Zynn thought for a while, and felt that Dad’s words made sense.

In this situation, the Japanese government has more or less sold the Su family for a little bit of face. As long as the murderer is brought to justice, they can not hold the Su family accountable.

But if he doesn’t keep a low profile at this time, and instead goes to Osaka and try every means to mediate and save people, then he might be a bit shameless in the eyes of the Japanese government.

When the time comes, the Japanese government’s lack of security will turn its face.

Thinking of this, he sighed and said, “I know Dad. I will fly back from Aomori early tomorrow morning.”