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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1860 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1860 Start

Ruoli considered for a long time and chose the latter.

Because she can faintly realize that this is the path her mother hopes to choose.

So, Roma changed her name to Ruoli Su, and then she was recommended to Zynn.

Zynn didn’t know Ruoli’s life experience at the beginning, but felt that this girl was extraordinary in strength, a manufacturable, and very much like Roma back then.

Ruoli also obeyed her mother’s instructions, and didn’t want Zynn to know this, but the old and cunning Chengfeng saw some clues from Ruoli.

He always felt that the look in Zynn’s eyes was something wrong with this young girl.

This kind of wrong made him vigilant.

He was afraid that Ruoli was an undercover agent sent by his opponent, so he asked people to thoroughly investigate Ruoli’s identity.

Going up the source step by step, he finally found Roma’s body.

After learning that Ruoli might be Zynn’s daughter, the father ordered someone to collect the hair of the two and quietly compare the DNA.

After getting the definite result, he told Zynn all this.

Zynn’s first reaction was shock, and his second reaction was moved.

He is really why Roma is moved by his feelings.

After that night that year, she not only gave birth to his daughter, but also cultivated her into a talent, and quietly sent her back to him to protect him.

However, he was also worried about Ruoli’s identity.

After all, Ruoli is the illeg!timate daughter of his derailed marriage.

If he lets his wife, children, and others know Ruoli’s identity, then his image in their minds will be greatly reduced.

Moreover, with the wife’s character, she will definitely choose to divorce him without hesitation.

Even with this mistake, nearly two decades have passed.

After the Old Master discussed with him, the two thought of a solution, pretending not to know.

Since Ruoli didn’t want to disclose her identity and recognize him as the father, he didn’t need to take the initiative to recognize this daughter.

Everyone keeps secrets in their hearts, and everything in life will not be affected by this.

In the past few years, Zynn took special care of Ruoli and even trained her as a leader of the Su family master team.

He felt that even if he couldn’t show Ruoli a fatherly love, he must arrange her future properly so that she could realize her own life value in Su’s house, and let her become a master in the future, and not worry about food and clothing.

But he never expected that a trip to Japan would ruin all of Ruoli’s future, even her life.

So, how can he not suffer at this moment!

Chengfeng could understand his mood at this time. He was silent for a while, and sighed after a long while, saying: “The current situation is very unfavorable for the Su family. We have lost so many people at once. This matter will spread before dawn. All over the country, now we are like tigers with broken teeth. I am worried that the Wade family will be the first one to be unable to hold back! So you can’t get too distracted by this matter, it’s best to come back to China right away and discuss it together!”

Zynn choked and said, “Dad, I have a request, and I hope you can agree to it!”

Chengfeng hummed, “Say it, I’ll listen to it!”

Zynn observed him and said, “At all costs, we must rescue Ruoli!”

Chengfeng said with emotion: “Zynn, this matter is really too ruthless! It is tantamount to slap the Japanese government in the face of the whole world. They will definitely deal with this kind of thing severely. If she is rescued, the cost may be too high for you to imagine!”

Zynn said seriously: “Ruoli’s implementation is what I meant, so I am at fault in this matter!”

He said, “The Japanese government just wanted to catch the murderer and ensure justice, and give the people an account. They arrested more than fifty of our people, and one of the fifty-something is released. The core purpose has no effect, is it always okay to sell face?”