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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1859 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1859 Start

Ruoli is only 21 years old this year.

Her actual age is one year younger than Zhiyu.

However, from her birth until the age of eighteen, Zynn didn’t know her existence.

Ruoli’s biological mother, whose real name is Roma, is the eldest daughter of the He family of China’s four major martial arts families and one of Zynn’s personal bodyguards.

Roma was not only beautiful, but also very capable. She was almost the leader of the Su family bodyguards at the time.

She was three years older than Zynn. When Zynn was fifteen years old, he went abroad to study. For his safety, Chengfeng asked the He family to come over and became Zynn’s personal bodyguard.

That year, Roma was eighteen years old and had just grown up.

Since that year, she has been with Zynn.

Accompany him abroad, accompany him to study, accompany him to hone his family business, and accompany him to travel around the world.

Even when Zynn frantically pursued his current wife Liona, Roma had been secretly guarding.

She joined the world to protect Zynn when he was ignorant, and had been guarding him for more than ten years. She had no understanding of other men at all, so it was natural for her to have a secret love for Zynn, who she was most familiar with.

Roma has always kept this love in her heart because of the differences in their identities, ages, and family background.

Until Zynn married Liona, Roma, who was nearly 30 years old, still didn’t reveal what she thought of him.

In the second year of Zhiyu’s birth, Zynn was 30 and Roma was 33. Zynn encountered a plot overseas. Roma tried her best to save him at the risk of her life, but she himself lost an arm because of this.

Roma, who became a disabled person, had a sharp decline in combat capability, so Zynn had to let her retire and return to He’s home early.

When Roma was leaving, Zynn was also persevering.

After all, for the 30-year-old at the time, Roma had been with him almost every step of half of his life.

Therefore, he asked Roma if there was anything he could do for her.

Roma hesitated again and again, expressing the feelings she had buried in her heart for many years.

Zynn, who is usually hard-hearted, was also moved by Roma’s confession.

That night, he had an excuse to go out and spent the n!ght out with Roma.

After that night, Roma left Zynn and returned to her hometown in Northeast China.

After more than nine months, Ruoli fell to the ground.

Ruoli did not have the surname Su at first, but followed her mother’s surname.

The so-called Ruoli means Ruo Zhi Ruoli.

It also represents Roma’s special feeling for Zynn in her heart.

Ruoli has been held in the palm of the hand by the He family since she was a child. She has never been to school. From the age of two to eighteen, she has been practicing ancient martial arts.

Therefore, at the age of eighteen, she surpassed her mother at the age of eighteen and became the strongest young woman in the He family.

After becoming an adult at the age of eighteen, Roma told her, her life experience.

In Roma’s description, Zynn is a good father who values ​​love and justice. The reason why he never cared about Ruoli is because he never knew her existence.

Therefore, Roma gave Ruoli two choices.

Stay and continue to practice martial arts in He’s family;

Or leave home to work for her biological father.