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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1857 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1857 Start

After all the members of the Su family plane were under control, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces began to clear the ground and gradually restore order at the airport.

They first drove over three buses with steel protective nets welded to their windows, so that everyone including Ruoli, under the watch of the self-defense team, boarded one by one.

In order to prevent these people from escaping as much as possible, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces put two sets of handcuffs on everyone, besides, they also handcuffed them.

Not only that, but they also scattered these people and guarded them one-on-one.

The seat division on the bus has two seats on each side.

Therefore, every Su family in handcuffs was arranged to sit by the window, and then a self-defense team with live ammunition sat next to them to prevent them from having any chance to escape.

In addition, ten self-defense personnel armed with live ammunition were arranged in the corridor of the bus to guard all suspects in the vehicle. If there is any change, they will be shot and killed immediately.

Ruoli was leaning against the window with her face like ashes, looking out the window through the steel protective net.

The airport at this time was brightly lit.

For Ruoli, she should have taken off by plane and headed back home, but she never dreamed that she would become a prisoner.

She still couldn’t figure out which link went wrong.

But she knew that she could not escape this time!

After a while, all of the Su family’s men were escorted into the bus by the self-defense team.

As a result, the three buses started slowly under the escort of ten wheeled armored vehicles, ready to leave the airport.

In order to ensure that there are no accidents to the greatest extent, the Japanese Homeland Security Department plans to relocate all the more than 50 people from the Su family to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces station in Osaka.

There are tens of thousands of soldiers guarding them, and no one can rescue them from there.

When the bus drove away from the scene, it happened to pass by the plane that Charlie was on behind.

The Gulfstream plane Charlie took was a small plane with about ten seats, and the fuselage was not too high.

And Ruoli was sitting on the bus, further shortening the height difference between the two.

When passing by this Gulfstream plane, Ruoli looked at the plane’s cockpit, just like looking at the cab of an off-road vehicle from an ordinary car.

Leaning against the window of the car, she was so desperate, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a man who was somewhat familiar standing in the cockpit of a Gulfstream plane passing by.

She glanced at it, angrily almost exploded on the spot!

Because she recognized that on that plane, the man who was looking at her playfully was the man who sat next to her when he came to Osaka from Tokyo!

“Why is he on a private jet?”

“And, it’s still behind our plane?”

“Why does the look in his eyes seem to play with me?!”

“And, why would he pretend to be a squinting ordinary person on the plane?!”

Countless questions suddenly gathered in Ruoli’s brain.

She suddenly realized that the person who leaked her whereabouts was most likely the Chinese who flew to Osaka with her!

Ruoli couldn’t help asking herself: “Who is he?!”

Charlie was not afraid of being seen through by Ruoli at this time, he kept looking at her in the bus with a mocking look.