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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1854 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1854 Start

At this time, the outside broadcast continued: “This is the Japanese Self-Defense Force. You are restricted to open all hatches immediately! Otherwise, our special forces will attack!”

The captain ran out of the cockpit at this time and said nervously: “The other party asked us to open the hatch. If we don’t open it, we will be under attack!”

There was also chaos in the cabin.

These so-called super masters were completely panicked at this moment. Some people stood up in a panic, like a headless fly, pacing back and forth in the cabin, as if looking for a way to escape.

More than fifty people, like more than fifty cockroaches locked in a glass bottle, were so frightened that there was nothing to add!

Ruoli also panicked.

However, she knew very well in her heart that once the hatch was opened, it was tantamount to surrender!

The massacre of the Matsumoto family angered the whole of Japan. If she takes everyone to surrender, the Japanese government will not let them go, and will punish them with the harshest means possible…

However, if you don’t surrender, the end will probably be even worse!

Because special forces all over the world basically adopt the same approach when fighting terrorism.

They will use directional bombs to blow open the doors and windows of the cabin, and then throw flash bombs and tear gas into the cabin.

Flash bombs will release extremely strong light instantly, blinding people’s eyes in a short period of time. Once they lose their vision, they can only be slaughtered.

And tear gas is a double blow.

It not only makes people cough and loses combat effectiveness, but also makes people’s eyes irritated and secretes a lot of tears, further destroying the opponent’s vision.

The flash bombs and tear gas came in turns so many times, before the special forces rushed in, the people inside might not be able to hold it, climb out and surrender…

In despair, Ruoli asked Zynn on the other end of the phone, “Patriarch…you…what do you think we should do…”

“How to do……”

Zynn whispered feebly, all distressed are bleeding!

The elite of the Su family’s core fighters are going to be wiped out!

The blow and influence this brought to the Su family was too great!

Moreover, in the next few years, it is impossible for the Su family to re-assemble such a team!

Even if it can, it will have to pay a huge cost!

The cost of attracting a top master is sometimes higher than attracting a hundred ordinary people!

With so many top players, the cost behind them is also astronomical.

What is even more depressing is that if these fifty people fall into the hands of the Japanese government, whether they are sentenced to death or life imprisonment, the Su family will have to pay their relatives a lot of living allowances all year round!

This is also the core method used by the Su Family to win over these masters.

The reason why they worked for the Su family was because the Su family promised their high salaries, and they also promised that in the event of an accident, the Su family would pay their family members a monthly subsidy of more than one million.

It was this kind of money spent at any cost that allowed the Su family to gather such a large number of top experts.

But now, once these fifty-odd people are captured by the Japanese government, their families will immediately become the oil bottle of the Su family!

Moreover, the Su family must not kick these oil bottles away, otherwise, no one will be devoted to the Su family in the future!

So, this time they really have to lose to grandma’s house!