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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1853 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1853 Start

At this moment, more than fifty Su family masters in the plane looked shocked!

The plane is about to take off, and everyone will be able to retreat, leave Japan, and return home to receive awards.

Ruoli had even received repeated compliments from Zynn on the phone. Who could have predicted that at this moment, things suddenly changed dramatically!

More than a dozen helicopters of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, more than 30 ground-wheeled armored vehicles, and the planes that surrounded Ruoli and others!

The Japanese Self-Defense Force is actually the Japanese army. Only after Japan was defeated that year, according to regulations, the defeated country could not have an army, so it made some changes in the form of the Self-Defense Force.

Although it is called the Self-Defense Force, the equipment and training standards of the entire Self-Defense Force are completely in accordance with the regular army.

The masters of the Su family are certainly very strong, but no matter how strong they are, they are just martial arts masters. Their little punches and kicks, in front of the guns and guns of the regular army, are almost like children playing in the house.

What’s more, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces dispatched this time are all specially trained anti-terrorist special forces, and the number is large, and the total number of air and ground forces is at least 600 or 700!

These six to seven hundred people are almost the top presence in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces!

In addition, their equipment is very sophisticated, and they have set up a net in advance, so the Su family masters are simply inevitable!

Ruoli, who had not been in the old well, couldn’t help panicking now.

She blurted out and asked the people around: “What’s the matter?! How did the Japanese Self-Defense Force find us?! Who leaked the wind?!”

Everyone was full of horror, and they didn’t know who had leaked the news.

However, they know that everyone is over this time!

Originally, the movement they made in Tokyo this time was so surprising that the TMPD and even the entire Japanese government hated them to their bones, so they would trace their whereabouts at all costs.

Tokyo and many surrounding cities have implemented exit controls in order to catch them early.

Now that they are in the hands of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, you don’t have to think about it, this is a big trouble!

At this time, Zynn’s phone has not hung up.

Hearing the movement on the phone, he immediately blurted out and asked: “Ruoli, what’s the matter?!”

Ruoli said with a trembling voice: “Patriarch…our plane is surrounded by the Japanese Self-Defense Force…”

“What?!” Zynn felt dizzy when he heard this!

He secretly said in his heart: “It’s over! This is over! The Su family has sent nearly a hundred people to Japan this time. Except for some support and auxiliary personnel, the real core masters are all on that plane!”

“It can be said that the more than fifty people on that plane represent at least 80% of the combat effectiveness of the Su family!”

“Especially Ruoli, this is a general who can be equal to one hundred!”

“If these people fall into the hands of the Japanese government, according to Japanese law, the principal offender should be properly sentenced to death, and the accessory should also be imprisoned for life…”

Thinking of this, Zynn almost ran away, and he tremblingly asked, “Ruoli, what is going on?! Did you leak the wind, or did a traitor appear inside?!”

Ruoli also said nervously, “Going home, don’t know this now…”

At this time, the broadcast outside the plane continued: “This is the Japanese Self-Defense Force. You are restricted to immediately turn off the aircraft engine and open the door for investigation. Otherwise, we will resort to aggressive attack!”

The captain and deputy captain in the cockpit panicked first.

They can all see the gunship above the front, and the large-caliber cannon in front of the helicopter has been aimed at them.

In front of this kind of military weapon, the civil aviation airliner has absolutely no power to parry. If the engine is not turned off, the cannon on the helicopter can instantly turn the aircraft into a hornet’s nest.

So they didn’t care about asking Ruoli for instructions, and immediately turned off the aircraft engine.