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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1852 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1852 Start

So the captain immediately picked up the communicator and made a cabin announcement: “Mr. Issac, we have obtained the queuing permission from the tower. The tower puts us in line behind the China Shipping plane in Hangar No. 12. Now compare the planes waiting to take off at Osaka Airport. It takes about forty minutes to take off.”

As soon as Charlie heard that the plane he was flying was behind the plane of Su’s family, he immediately said to Issac, “Go, go to the cockpit!”

Issac quickly followed Charlie and squeezed into the somewhat narrow cockpit together.

As soon as Issac came in, he asked the captain, “Where is the plane from China Shipping?”

The captain pointed to the plane that had just been pushed out from the hangar and was turning in place, and said, “Issac, that’s the one.”

Issac nodded and saw that the plane turned toward the runway after turning in place, so he quickly said to the captain, “Quickly follow him!”

The captain immediately increased the engine thrust, and the plane followed the Su’s plane and taxied forward unhurriedly.

Seeing the plane with its wings trembling constantly in front, Charlie’s face was full of smiles.


At this moment, in the Airbus A320 sent by the Su family, more than fifty top masters of the Su family were sitting neatly.

A middle-aged man, looking at Ruoli sitting in the front unsmilingly, stepped forward and smiled and said: “Miss Ruoli, this operation was really successful under your command. We destroy the Matsumoto family. None of them survived, and are successfully withdrawing this time. As long as our planes fly, the TMPD will never find us in this lifetime!”

As soon as the others heard this, they hurriedly agreed: “Yes, Miss Ruoli, you have a good leadership this time. After you go back, Mr. Su will definitely promote you. Don’t forget us at that time!”

Ruoli said indifferently: “I, like you, are both subordinates of the Su family. As long as you do things well, the Patriarch will definitely not treat you badly.”

After that, Ruoli said again: “After going back this time, I will definitely report the truth to the Patriarch and ask for your credit. Please rest assured!”

When everyone heard this, they all smiled and apologized.

Although everyone is a master of martial arts, in the final analysis, they have completely entered the dunya, and they have worked for the Su family for money.

When Ruoli said that she wanted to ask for credit for everyone, everyone naturally knew, which meant that the Su family would definitely reward everyone with a generous amount of cash.

As a result, everyone clapped happily, cheering and whistling endlessly.

At this time, Ruoli’s phone vibrated.

She picked up her mobile phone, saw that Zynn was calling, hurriedly connected the phone, and said respectfully: “Patriarch!”

Zynn’s voice came: “Ruoli, how is your side? Is it about to take off? There are no accidents and twists in the middle, right?”

Ruoli hurriedly said, “Master our plane is already in line for take-off, and it is expected to take off in half an hour at most!”

“Very good!” Zynn said with a smile: “This time, you did a very beautiful job! When you return to Eastcliff, you will definitely be rewarded!”

Ruoli said piously: “Patriarch, it is Ruoli’s blessing to share worries for you and the Su family…”

Zynn laughed and said, “If you leave, I am really lucky to have you as a strong general! Don’t you always want to go back to your hometown to take a look, after this time you go back, I will give you a good vacation and go back to your hometown to take a rest, you can rest until the Lantern Festival and then come back!”

Ruoli said gratefully: “Thank you Patriarch! I really want to go back and take a look. It would be great if I can rest!”

Zynn said, “You did so beautifully this time, and you will definitely have a good rest when you go back!”

When Ruoli was about to say thank you, a large number of helicopters roared from all directions outside. Outside the window, you could see many armored personnel carriers roaring, surrounding the planes.

In the sky, the helicopter shouted with a high-power speaker: “Listen the people below, we are the Japanese Self-Defense Force! You are now surrounded!”