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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1848 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1848 Start

Civil aviation information itself is not considered a secret. Even the route of a private jet cannot be concealed from the airport staff and the airport dispatch system.

Therefore, Issac quickly found some information and summarized it to Charlie.

Issac’s message to Charlie showed that there were four private jets flying from Osaka to Zhonghai tonight.

Two of them are small business jets with very few passengers. Both planes carry about 10 passengers. Considering that there are many masters from the Su family in Japan, it is unlikely to take this kind of aircraft back, so Charlie Then directly filter out the two planes.

The remaining two are private jets modified from Airbus a320 aircraft, and the number of seats for the entire aircraft is about forty to fifty people.

Therefore, Charlie speculated that the person from the Su family who left Japan from Osaka tonight will take one of the two a320s.

So he asked Issac to carefully investigate the information of the two aircraft.

Both aircraft are registered in China. One of them is under the name of a domestic private airline, but it is actually serving a high-end travel agency, specializing in high-end outbound charter flights, and this aircraft just left from the south yesterday. Shenzhen City sent a high-end tour group of forty people over, and today plans to pick up another group of tour group members to return to Shenzhen City.

The other one was registered under the name of a real estate company in China Shipping. The plane arrived in Osaka from China Shipping only today. The original flight plan was to fly from Osaka to Eastcliff, but the flight plan was temporarily changed and applied Permission to fly from Osaka to Zhonghai.

As soon as Charlie saw this, he knew that the last plane must have been arranged by the Su family.

Analyzing so far, Charlie suddenly had a bad idea.

As a result, he wiped a cold smile on the corner of his mouth, and after giving Issac some orders, he smiled at the corner of his mouth, squinted his eyes on his seat and squinted to sleep.

Twenty minutes later, a gentle voice rang in his ears: “Priority boarding of your flight has already started, honorable first-class passenger. If you want to board the flight early, please go to the boarding gate.

Charlie gave a hum, and glanced at Ruoli’s position, and saw that Ruoli had also stood up, and thought to himself: “Thinking of this Su family’s female assassin, she is on the same flight as me.”

Afterwards, he stretched his waist and took his small suitcase, before Ruoli stepped out of the VIP lounge.

Charlie came all the way to the boarding gate, and after showing his boarding pass, he gave priority to boarding from the VIP lane before all economy class passengers boarded the plane.

Since the plane was flying on a one-hour short-haul route from Tokyo to Osaka, the plane had very few first-class cabins, with only eight seats. Charlie’s seat was in the second row by the window on the right.

The weak flight attendant offered to help him put the suitcase, Charlie thanked her, but he did it himself and put the suitcase in the overhead compartment.

Just as he sat down, Ruoli walked in with a few first-class passengers.

When Charlie saw her coming in, his first thought was to turn his head and not look at her, so as not to be discovered by her.

However, between the electric light and flint, he suddenly realized a problem.

A female killer like Ruoli’s strength and perception ability, although not necessarily better than him, must be superior to ordinary people.

And she is so beautiful, she must have accepted the attention given to her by ordinary men.

If you deliberately avoid looking at her, she is very likely to notice something abnormal.

So Charlie deliberately looked at Ruoli with a look of surprise, as if he was shocked by her beauty and excited about being able to take the same plane with her.

Ruoli felt Charlie’s scorching gaze, but just glanced at him casually, and her heart was immediately full of disdain.

She secretly said contemptuously in her heart: “Hey, it’s another rag who can’t pull his legs when he sees a beautiful woman!”