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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1842 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1842 Start

When Nanako’s thoughts were flying, Charlie had already driven the car to the airport.

After he parked the car in the airport parking lot, he got out with Nanako.

Then, instead of leaving in a hurry, he bent down and put the car key on top of the front tire of the car.

Nanako asked in surprise: “Master, what are you doing?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I leave the key here for my friend, otherwise the key will have to follow me back to China.”

Nanako asked suspiciously, “Can’t it get stolen this way? If someone finds out, can I just drive away?”

Charlie smiled and said, “It is impossible for other people to see it here. There are so many cars here. Who would bend down to look at other people’s car tires?”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “I will tell the owner of the key when I go back. After the owner knows it, it will be very convenient to pick up the car for him.”

Nanako smiled and nodded, and said, “Master is smart. I might never think of such a method for a lifetime.”

Charlie smiled and said: “Actually, I mainly want to save some money, otherwise the mailing fee is quite high if I wait until I return to China and then send it to him.”

Nanako suddenly laughed and said, “Master, in your case, you definitely won’t be short of money… My father alone has contributed 4.5 billion USD to you, your JX Pharmaceuticals is developing rapidly, so why to save money so much…”

Charlie smiled slightly: “It’s not saving money, it’s about how to live a life. We won’t save a point for what should be spent, and we won’t waste a point for what shouldn’t be spent.”

Nanako nodded earnestly: “Thank you Wade, Nanako is taught.”

Charlie smiled and said: “I am not a good teacher, I just express my own little opinions, which are some very crude personal opinions.”

Nanako said sincerely: “Although the reason is simple and obvious, I have never considered this. If I was in my previous status, it would not matter if I spent more money or wasted a bit, but now my father wants me to take over Ito Co., Ltd., in the future, I must change my previously unconceptual attitude towards money. Only like Master Wade can I make the family business bigger and stronger!”

Seeing Nanako’s serious look, Charlie smiled helplessly, and said, “I believe Ito Co., Ltd. will become stronger and stronger in your hands!”

Nanako nodded gently: “Thank you Master Wade for your blessing, I hope I can live up to expectations…”

Charlie looked at her, smiled encouragingly, and then said: “Okay, time is almost up, I have to go through the registration procedures, how do you go back?”

Nanako said, “I asked the family assistant to drive me to pick me up.”

With that, she checked the time and hurriedly said: “He may take a while to arrive, or I will send you to the security checkpoint!”

Charlie nodded, and the two left the parking lot together and went straight to the airport departure hall.

At this moment, a woman with a delicate face and delicate features, but with a bit of heroism and coldness, walked into the airport departure hall.

This woman is about one hundred and seventy-five centimeters tall and has slender legs.

She was wearing a black tight leather jacket, black stretch leather pants, and black high-top leather boots. Her long black hair is tied into a bunch of ponytails and hung to her waist.

This woman is beautiful and moving, but her face is icy.

She stepped into the airport and went directly into the VIP security check channel.

The male staff in charge of checking the boarding information turned his eyes straight when he looked at the woman.

After the woman stood in front of him for a few seconds, he came back to his senses and said blushingly: “Miss, please show your ID and boarding pass.”

The woman handed over the certificate blankly, and the other side glanced at it. It read “Su Ruoli.”