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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1840 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1840 Start

Charlie readily agreed. Soon, the salesman called another girl and said to her: “This VIP wants to see the bracelet. Can you recommend one for him.”

The girl knew that Charlie was an elite, and immediately said with a big smile: “Sir, please come with me.”

Nanako hurriedly asked him: “Master, do you still need me to try the bracelet for you?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I plan to buy the bracelet for Mother-in-law. She is a bit fat, so I don’t need to trouble you.”

Nanako smiled and said, “Then Master will take a look for himself, I want to see the ring, can I?”

Charlie nodded: “Of course you can. Look first. I’ll go over there to see the bracelet.”

Nanako smiled sweetly: “Okay!”

When Charlie went to the bracelet area, Nanako whispered to the girl who sold the ring: “Excuse me, is the ring I tried just now in stock?”

The salesperson nodded lightly and said, “Yes, we have three rings of this model in our store. We sold two, and now there is one left. Do you want it now?”

Nanako was overjoyed, and whispered: “It is not convenient for me to pay now. Can you keep it quietly for me? I will ask someone to come over and help me pay the bill later, and then please help me adjust the ring to the size?”

The salesperson said politely: “Madam no problem, please tell me your name. When the person you arrange comes over, he can tell me your name.”

Nanako smiled happily and said: “My name is Nanako Ito, and the other party will tell you that he buys it for Miss Ito.”

The salesperson nodded slightly: “Okay, Miss Ito.”

Nanako blinked, and said in a low voice, “Don’t tell the gentleman who came with me, keep it secret for me.”

Although the salesperson was a little puzzled, he nodded his head very dedicatedly and said, “Don’t worry, I will not disclose it to anyone.”

“That’s good!”

At this time, Charlie was on the side of the bracelet counter, looking around.

There are many styles of bracelets in this store, most of which are relatively low-key and simple, but there is a rose gold bracelet full of diamonds that is more luxurious.

Charlie knows Elaine very well. What he likes most about his mother-in-law is that she can see the luxury at a glance.

Things that are golden, full of diamonds, and sparkling at a glance, will definitely be able to win her taste.

And don’t look at the diamonds, but because they are relatively small diamonds, the price is not high.

The bracelet that Charlie chose for his mother-in-law was actually about 250,000 equivalent. Although it was not cheap, it was just drizzle to him.

After he chose, he asked the salesperson to pack the bracelet and pay the money together with the ring.

At this time, Nanako had already set up the ring with the previous sales, and then sent a message to ask an assistant of her family to help over and pay.

After the arrangements were made, she came to Charlie contentedly and asked him with a smile: “Master, have you chosen everything?”

Charlie nodded: “The money has been paid, hey, Nanako, why are you so happy?”

Charlie could also see that Nanako’s condition at this time seemed to be much better than before, and she seemed to be happier.

Nanako stuck out her tongue playfully and blinked and said, “This is a secret. I can’t tell Master Wade, otherwise Master will definitely laugh at me.”

Charlie smiled slightly: “How can it be!”

Nanako said shyly, “I am too shy to tell you.”

Charlie shrugged helplessly: “Since you don’t want to say, then I won’t ask…”