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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1839 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1839 Start

When Nanako returned from the bathroom, there were no traces of tears on her face, but her eyes were slightly red.

She deliberately bashed her face with cold water, so it seemed a lot more natural.

Back in the store, Nanako took the initiative to smile and asked Charlie: “Master, have you adjusted it? Do you want me to try again?”

Charlie smiled and nodded: “Trouble you!”

Nanako smiled softly: “Master Wade doesn’t have to be so polite.”

As she said, she stretched out her right hand again and said grinning: “Come on! Try again!”

Charlie didn’t think much, picked up the adjusted ring and put it on the ring finger of her right hand again.

This time, the size of the shank has become very suitable, it is not tight or loose on her hand, it looks almost natural.

Nanako couldn’t help changing the direction of her right hand, and under the light, carefully observed this diamond ring, which was not expensive.

Although this ring is not as gorgeous as the tens of millions of rings in the hands of ladies and beauties, it has its unique charm.

Simple, atmospheric, beautiful and touching.

Charlie looked at the ring on Nanako, and also liked it as he watched it.

He knew that his wife didn’t pursue those luxurious jewels, and this ring happened to match her calm temperament.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but turn his attention from the ring to Nanako’s face.

To be honest, if you say that it is as quiet as still water, Claire may be able to achieve 80 or even 90 points, but Nanako is absolutely 100 points.

So in other words, it seems that this ring is more in line with the temperament of Nanako.

But Charlie didn’t think too much about this issue.

Nanako wore this ring, and observed it with joy and melancholy for a long time, only then reluctantly took it off and handed it to Charlie.

She said: “Master, if appropriate, let the salesman help you wrap it”

“Yes!” Charlie saw that the ring was indeed suitable, so he smiled and said to the salesperson: “Hello, please help me wrap this ring.”

“OK sir!”

The salesperson is also very happy.

Although Tiffany is also a well-known brand, the price of most diamond rings is actually in the range of 10,000 USD to 20,000 USD. In fact, very few people will buy rings with more than 20,000 USD. Sometimes it may not be possible for a long time to sell ​​one.

Like Charlie’s choice, the equivalent of a ring with a price of more than 100,000 USD, generally can sell such a limited number of rings a year.

Therefore, she regarded Charlie as a distinguished VIP customer, so she helped him pack the ring very carefully, and said to him: “Sir, if you have no other needs, please follow me to the cashier to checkout.”

Charlie said: “No hurry, I want to see the bracelet.”

The ring is a token of love between lovers, so when he bought this ring for his wife, he naturally couldn’t buy the same thing for his mother-in-law.

Therefore, Charlie planned to show Elaine a bracelet, the price would not be too high, equivalent to two or three hundred thousand, which would be great.

Two or three hundred thousand bracelets were enough for Elaine to make her happily unable to sleep.

The salesperson heard that Charlie wanted to buy a bracelet, and immediately said: “Sir, wait a moment, I will let the person in charge of the bracelet area show you and recommend a few styles for you.”

In their store, each salesperson has his own exclusive counter, and this salesperson is responsible for the diamond ring, so the bracelet needs other people to provide shopping guide services for Charlie.