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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1838 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1838 Start

The moment the ring passed through the knuckles of her ring finger and put it on her hand, Nanako’s eyes were filled with tears.

She hurriedly lowered her head, not wanting Charlie to see what she was like now.

She liked Charlie very much, but she didn’t want to put too much psychological burden on him.

Because she faintly knew in her heart that the main reason why Charlie came to Japan this time to visit her in Kyoto was definitely not because of how much he liked her in his heart, but because he sympathized with and felt sorry for her.

She can understand Charlie’s feelings, that is a kind of empathy that a person who is also a martial artist has in his heart.

What is empathy?

It is the emotion of understanding each other, empathizing with each other.

It’s like a racer, seeing another racer suffered a car accident and was seriously injured or even killed on the field, his empathy for the injured must be stronger than ordinary people.

In the same way, if a soldier sees his comrades-in-arms, or those who are with the same soldier, injured or disabled in battle, this kind of empathy will surely develop in his heart.

Charlie must be feeling the same to her.

Seeing that she didn’t listen to persuasion, was seriously injured in the game, or even was pulled directly from the field by an ambulance, he must have sympathized with her more.

In addition, he had a way to heal her, so when he came to Japan this time, he took time to go to Kyoto to see her, save her, and heal her injuries.

Therefore, Nanako knew very well that although Charlie was very good to her, most of them should be sympathy born out of empathy.

For a girl who is obsessed with him, the last thing she wants is the sympathy of the other party.

In fact, apart from love, any other emotions are not what she wants.

At this moment, Charlie couldn’t see Nanako’s expression. His attention was focused on her fingers. Seeing that the ring Nanako was wearing slightly larger, he gently took it off again, yes. The salesperson said, “I’m sorry, but the trouble is a little bit smaller.”

“OK, sir.” The salesman took the ring and began to readjust the ring.

At this time, Nanako felt a strong sense of loss.

Although he knew it a long time ago, that ring would leave after just staying on my finger.

But when the ring was really taken off by Charlie, her heart hurt like a knife.

However, she did not dare to be seen by Charlie, so while Charlie was watching the salesman adjust the ring, she hurriedly said: “Master, let me go to the bathroom!”

After speaking, he ran away before Charlie responded.

The reason why she had to run away was because the tears filled her eyes, and her eyes were too big to bear.

She didn’t want Charlie to see that she was crying at this time.

Because she didn’t want to affect Charlie’s concentrated mood.

She had never thought of affecting Charlie’s life and Charlie’s marriage.

After all, Charlie has given her too much kindness.

She turned to leave, silently in her heart:

“Tonight, Master Wade will leave Japan, return to the embrace of his family, and return to his wife…”

“In the future, don’t know what year and month you will come back again…”

“The next few hours will be the last few hours I will be with Master Wade…”

“I must control my emotions and don’t add any psychological burden to him…”