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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1835 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1835 Start

When he took the elevator upstairs, Charlie was still thinking about the man he met when he got out of the elevator just now.

He was sure that he didn’t know the person, why did that person look hostile when he saw him.

He originally thought that the opponent would also be a hidden master, and he saw that he was extraordinary.

But after thinking about it, he felt that something was wrong, because that man didn’t have the aura of a strong man. From the perspective of his own strength, he should be an ordinary person.

However, he didn’t think too much. After getting out of the elevator, Nanako took him to the ward where Takehiko was.

At this time, Takehiko was scolding his mother in the hospital bed.

He said to Emi: “This guy Zynn is a [email protected] with a honey-sucking sword. Staying with this kind of person for a second makes me feel uncomfortable!”

Emi nodded and said, “That Zynn really feels insidious, and the more friendly he smiles, the more chilling his back, especially when he thinks of what he did to the Matsumoto family in his head. I feel cold all over!”

Charlie, who had just entered the door, blurted out and asked loudly: “That man just now was Zynn from the Su family?!”

Both Takehiko and Emi were shocked, and they realized that Charlie and Nanako had already entered.

So, Takehiko asked curiously: “Does Mr. Zynn also know Zynn?”

Charlie frowned, and even his voice became colder: “The man who just got down from the elevator is Zynn?!”

Ito said, “don’t know who you met in the elevator, but Zynn did just leave.”

When Charlie heard this, he turned around and ran out!


The initiator and leader of the anti-wade Alliance!

When Charlie thought of this, hatred surged all over his body!

He just wanted to chase out, even if it was to kill Zynn’s bodyguard and entourage in broad daylight, he still had to catch the [email protected] and ask him why he wanted to target his parents.

Then let him have a taste, and kill him on the street!

It’s a pity that when Charlie chased him out, there was no shadow of Zynn anywhere in front of the hospital.

Zynn was already in the car and headed to Aomori Prefecture.

Charlie couldn’t help but beat his chest and feet at the entrance of the hospital!

Since the death of his parents, this is the closest moment to his enemy!

However, he failed to recognize the other party!

This is really annoying to him!

The Wade Family and the Su Family had always had a bad relationship, so even when Charlie was young, he had never seen Zynn very much.

In addition, the Su Family and the Wade Family are themselves top families, and they never appear on various wealth lists, and the media never report them, so Charlie doesn’t even know Zynn’s appearance.

At this moment, he was extremely depressed.

When he came to Japan this time, he had close contact with the Su family one after another.

First, he accidentally saved Zhifei and Zhiyu, and now he just passed Zynn!

Charlie gritted his teeth and thought to himself, if he were to give himself a chance to go back a few minutes ago, the first thing he would do when he saw Zynn would be to smash his dog head first!