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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1834 Free Novel

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Because Changying has a fiancée but is not yet married, Liona still felt there was a glimmer of hope and was still unwilling to give up.

He asked a woman to marry him, but the woman said in public that she was still waiting for another person. Zynn still remembers this strange shame.

From then on, he hated Changying deeply.

Later, Changying got married in Eastcliff.

That night, Liona cried out all her tears and stayed behind closed doors for a month.

Zynn brought flowers to Du’s house every day to beg to see her. He persisted for thirty-nine days and spent thirty-nine bouquets of roses before finally knocking on Liona’s heart.

Liona, who was nearly twenty kilograms thin, walked out of the room and the door, and said a word to Zynn who was holding flowers outside the door.

She asked Zynn if she might not forget Changying for the rest of her life, Zynn would still marry her.

Zynn gritted his teeth and agreed.

Then, Liona and Zynn became engaged, and a month later, got married.

When he got married, Zynn slept with anxiety and fear every night.

He was afraid that his wife next to his pillow would suddenly call Changying’s name in her dream.

Worry soon became a reality.

A few days after the wedding, Zynn could hear Liona whimpering in her mouth and yelling Changying’s name every day while she was half asleep and half awake.

During that time, Zynn almost collapsed.

Later, the eldest son Zhifei was born.

Liona finally shifted her focus from Changying to her son.

Since then, Zynn could finally sleep well.

The son’s loud cry in the middle of the night became even the most beautiful lullaby for him.

He could sleep peacefully in the cry of his son, but he couldn’t listen to his wife’s sleep, whispering Changying’s name in a very low voice, because the name became his nightmare!

Thinking of the humiliation in the past, Zynn felt extremely angry.

Even though the incident had passed more than two decades, even if Changying had passed away long ago, he still couldn’t swallow this breath.

Josh was surprised when he saw his cold expression, clenched fists and trembling teeth.

He worked for Zynn for many years, knowing that Zynn looked like this, he was generally angry to the extreme.

When he heard that Matsumoto was the man behind the kidnapping of Zhifei and Zhiyu, his performance was no different from now.

Josh couldn’t help but wonder in his heart: “What exactly did this Changying do to make Master so angry?”

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help asking: “Master is the man just like that Changying?”

“Like.” Zynn nodded, and said: “But his temperament is a bit low-key, maybe he is dressed somewhat casually. Changying back then could be said to be full of style, walking with wind, and amazing aura!”

Josh asked again, “Is that kid just now the offspring of Changying?”

“Impossible.” Zynn said coldly, “Changying’s offspring has long since disappeared, and the life or death of him is uncertain. The Wade family couldn’t find him. It is estimated that he died outside long ago.”

As he said, Zynn smiled darkly, and mocked: “Back then, Changying made enemies everywhere and offended the Ruthschild family that controlled Europe and the United States. He was also targeted by all kinds of people in China because of his sharp edge. People who wanted to kill him were really Too much.”

Speaking of this, Zynn lit a cigarette and said lightly: “Although the kid looks a lot like him just now, I think he is likely to be a Japanese, maybe it’s just a little like him.”

Josh nodded slightly and asked him: “Master where shall we go next? Back to the hotel or?”

“I won’t go back to the hotel.” Zynn said coldly, “If the TMPD can’t catch them, if they can’t stay away, they will definitely find a way to embarrass me and disgust me. I’d better leave Tokyo early!

Having said that, Zynn told him: “Just leave the hotel room there. Let’s drive north directly to Aomori Prefecture, the northernmost part of Honshu, Japan. We will soak in hot springs for two days, relax and then go to China.”