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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1833 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1833 Start

When the elevator door opened, Zynn took the lead.

When Charlie saw the elevator coming, he was about to signal to let Nanako next to him go first. At this time, Zynn had already stepped out.

The moment he walked out of the elevator door, he directly faced Charlie’s eyes.

At this moment, Zynn frowned slightly subconsciously, a familiar and unfamiliar aura that made him feel nervous.

And Charlie, although he didn’t know the man in front of him, but seeing the other person’s eyes with full alertness and surprise, he couldn’t help but glance at him more.

The opposite man was in his early fifties, with a normal appearance and a normal figure. He was dressed very luxuriously. There was a bit of hostility between his eyebrows, and he looked like a cruel master.

A face, but between the sparks and flints.

There was Nanako beside Charlie, so she didn’t pay too much attention to this man, and after passing by, he entered the elevator with Nanako.

When the elevator door was closed, Zynn suddenly stopped and looked back in the direction of the elevator.

Josh on the side asked him: “Master what’s wrong?”

Zynn smacked his lips: “Weird… the kid who entered the elevator just now has a familiar feeling…”

Josh asked curiously: “Do you have acquaintances in Japan?”

Zynn said: “There are many acquaintances, but there are really no such young people. Does the kid just now look like a twenty-six or seven? He is about the same age as Zhifei, or one or two years older than Zhifei.”

Josh nodded: “It’s about the same age as the Young Master…Do you know him?”

“Do not know.”

Zynn bit his lip and said with a black face: “But he looks quite similar to an old friend of mine!”

“Old friend?” Josh asked curiously: “Master who is your old friend?”

Zynn asked with a very cold expression: “Have you ever heard others talk about Changying?”

Josh is not very young.

This year is less than forty years old.

When Charlie’s father, Changying, died, he was still studying abroad, and he didn’t know what happened in Eastcliff at that time.

Therefore, he couldn’t help asking: “Master is the Changying you said belongs to the Wade family?”


Zynn couldn’t help thinking of Changying’s heroic posture.

At that time, Changying was really a super noble son who moved the capital.

Handsome, unrestrained, and suave, and more importantly, his personal ability extremely strong, and he was definitely the first to excel in Eastcliff.

Back then, in front of Changying, Zynn was completely gloomy.

Changying, one of Eastcliff’s celebrity ladies, squeezed their heads and wanted to marry Changying, one by one, they could not wait to find a life for Changying.

Zynn’s wife, Liona Du, who was also Zhifei and Zhiyu’s mother, loved Changying to the death.

Back then, Zynn exhausted everything and launched a frantic pursuit of Liona, but Liona completely dismissed it and wanted to marry Changying.

Even if Changying already had a fiancee, Liona was determined to die for him at any time.

Even if Zynn worked hard to create a grand proposal that made a sensation in Eastcliff for her, Liona still did not agree.

In front of countless people, Liona only said a few words to Zynn.

The first sentence was: I’m sorry, I can’t marry you.

The second sentence: Because Changying is not married after all!