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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1832 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1832 Start

Zynn nodded and said with a somewhat arrogant expression: “I hope the TMPD and the Japanese Homeland Security Department can understand this truth. Sometimes, the necessary surgery is still required, leaving the cancerous tissue in the body. It will only drag down the whole city, and I just fly over and perform a precise surgical operation on Tokyo!”

Takehiko Ito nodded in agreement, but he said in his heart: “d*mn, this Zynn is a real dog. The more you talk, the more shame you get!”

Zynn looked at the time and smiled: “Mr. Ito, your body is still injured. I won’t bother you anymore. The nutritional supplements I brought you are all very good natural medicinal materials and ingredients. I look forward to a speedy recovery.”

With that, Zynn’s right hand: “Since we all have the intention of deep cooperation with each other, then I will wait for your body to recover, and we will move forward together hand in hand!”

Takehiko said seriously: “No problem! You and I keep communicating at any time!”

“Okay!” Zynn laughed and said, “If this is the case, then I will leave first!”

Takehiko nodded: “Mr. Su walks slowly, I won’t see you off here!”

Zynn hastily patted him on the shoulder: “Mr. Ito, you are welcome, take a good rest and heal your injuries!”

Takehiko Ito said to Emi: “Emi, please see off Mr. Su!”

“OK, brother!”

Zynn got up and shook hands with Takehiko. Accompanied by Emi, he stepped out of the ward.

At this time, Charlie and Nanako had just arrived at the hospital, standing at the elevator entrance waiting.

Emi sent Zynn and Josh to the elevator entrance, and said apologetically: “Mr. Su, I have to take care of my brother, so I can’t send you down.”

Zynn smiled and said, “Ms. Ito, please stay. Go back and take care of Mr. Ito!”

Emi nodded, and bowed ninety degrees, “Mr. Su, take care!”

Zynn waved his hand and stepped into the elevator.

After the elevator door was closed, Zynn asked Josh, who had been silent for a long time: “What do you think, what does Takehiko Ito think?”

Josh thought for a moment, and said seriously: “Master I think that although Takehiko has a good disguise, he still feels a little afraid of you…”

“Yeah.” Zynn nodded: “It should be because of the fact that Matsumoto Man’s family is destroyed. Thinking about it now, what I did was really a little overdone.”

After he finished speaking, he waved his hand again and said indifferently, “I don’t care about him. I killed Matsumoto because he wanted to harm my son and daughter. He wanted me to end. If I didn’t let him die, others would think I am weak. A soft persimmon, anyone can squeeze!”

Josh asked: “Will Takehiko dare not cooperate with us because of this?”

Zynn snorted coldly, and said, “Give him some time to heal his injury first, and then come to him. At that time, we will have a cooperative approach, and there will be solutions for non-cooperation don’t worry!”

At this time, the elevator gave a ding sound and stopped on the first floor.

Josh hurriedly stepped forward and said respectfully, “Master please!”