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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1826 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1826 Start

Hearing the Old Master pitying Changying again, Andrew was a bit dissatisfied and said: “Dad, Changying has been away for so many years, so please stop mentioning this kind of thing. Let’s not talk about it again. Act responsible, so even the entire Eastcliff family is inseparable, and it is not something we can control.”

Changyun also agreed: “Yes, Dad, isn’t this talk not about Zhifei and Zhiyu? Why did you talk about Changying?”

The Old Master sighed and waved his hand: “Don’t say it, don’t say it, let’s get it right! All in all, the Su family’s first step towards Japan is already emptying one foot. The next situation will face them very much. Unfortunately, this is a good opportunity for us to catch up and take advantage of it! What do you think?”

Everyone glanced at each other, and Andrew was also very agreeable and said: “Dad, you are right, I also think this is our great opportunity!”

“Our ocean shipping business started later than the Su family and was at an absolute disadvantage, but if we could take advantage of the failure of the Su family, reach cooperation with the Ito family, and take the Japanese market, it would be tantamount to getting stuck in the Su family. The neck is definitely a powerful blow to the Su family!”

Zhongquan nodded, but he pondered for a moment before he said: “At the moment, we are not suitable for direct competition with the Su family. This matter must be kept low-key and slowly. We must not let the Su family know in advance.”

Cynthia asked in a puzzled way: “Dad, the Su family can go to Japan to destroy people’s families in a high-profile manner. When we go to Japan to talk about cooperation, should we still hide it?”

Zhongquan smiled slightly: “The strength of the Su family is there. We are now talking about cooperation with the Ito family in the future with great fanfare. For the Su family, it just slapped them and made them hard on their faces.”

After speaking, Zhongquan said again: “However, we slapped the Su family. With the style of the Su family, they will inevitably conflict with us, and we will be in trouble.”

Andrew asked hurriedly, “Dad, what do you mean then?”

Zhongquan said very seriously: “If you want to deal with the Su Family, you must dissect your opponent from a deeper level, instead of superficially comparing the two sides’ paper data!”

Andrew quickly stood up, bowed and clasped his fists: “Dad, I am dull, please tell me!”

Zhongquan shook his head slightly, thinking of Changying again in his heart.

He sighed in his heart: “My eldest son, Andrew, is also a brilliant talent, but he is still far from the level of genius, so he can’t do it well. However, Changying was the top genius who never came out of the world. Changying was never ‘percent through a single point’, but rather ‘perceive without a point’ and learned without a teacher! What a pity, what a pity…”

Andrew also saw a trace of disappointment in his father’s eyes, and suddenly his face turned red.

Zhongquan expressed a few words in his heart, and quickly put away his thoughts, and said to everyone: “Although the Su family has many heirs, only Zynn can enter Chengfeng’s eyes. What’s more, Zynn’s sons and daughters are very competitive. The two most outstanding young people of this generation.”

“Especially that Zhiyu, who is deeply loved by Chengfeng and Zynn. The degree of preference for Zhiyu between these two fathers and sons has long surpassed other heirs, even the eldest grandson Zhifei.”

“So, once Chengfeng is dead, the power will definitely fall into the hands of the Zynn family!”

“In the future, among the Zynn family, the one with the greatest say in the future must be Zhiyu!”

Speaking of this, Zhongquan was already glaring, and said forcefully: “Zhiyu is a female stream and will eventually marry as a wife. Once she gets married, it will be the day when the Su family will divide into two. So, Whoever can conquer Zhiyu can conquer half of the Su family’s assets!”