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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1825 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1825 Start

After breakfast, Charlie, who had nothing to do, was dragged by Nanako to her room.

Just like in Kyoto, Nanako invited Charlie to sit on the tatami in the room, burned a plate of incense, and prepared a cup of Japanese matcha for Charlie.

Then she said to him: “Master, I want to take a look at the financial statements and detailed information of the family industry, and get familiar with the overall operation of the family as soon as possible. If you feel bored, please tell me.”

Charlie was free, so he said casually: “I have nothing to do, you get busy, I will play with the phone for a while.”

Charlie doesn’t really like to play with mobile phones, and unlike young people nowadays, he always keeps his hands on the phone.

The reason why he wants to look at his cell phone is to check the news in Tokyo to see if he can find more useful information.

Nanako leaned over in front of the book case and looked at the confidential family data attentively. The information in her hand was all top secret, but she did not shy away from Charlie beside her.

Charlie flipped through some local news, and one piece of news aroused his interest.

The news said that relatively serious violent incidents have occurred in Tokyo. As the number one violent organization in Japan, the Yamaguchi group issued a message to its members across the country, claiming to use violence to curb violence and use violence to maintain public order in Tokyo.

The Yamaguchi group is the head of the Japanese gang, and it is one of the world’s three largest gangster organizations with the Italian Mafia, and its strength cannot be underestimated.

They issued a statement at this time, although they did not name anyone, it should be aimed at the Su family.

This time the Su family played a bit too big, and offended all Japanese black and white.

Even if they can retreat completely this time and want to come to Japan to develop in the future, they will probably receive “special attention” from the Japanese government and non-governmental organizations.

At this moment, Wade Family Mansion.

Charlie’s grandfather, Zhongquan, called the entire Wade family to a meeting because of the same news.

Today’s Zhongquan looks very happy.

While flipping through the news with a tablet, he said to everyone: “This time the Su family really lost it and broke down! The cooperation has not yet been negotiated. The eldest grandson and the eldest granddaughter almost died, and now the entire Japan is offended, and I’m afraid it will be difficult for the Su family to go to Japan for development in the future!”

Charlie’s uncle Andrew laughed, and said triumphantly: “The Su family is also embarrassing this time. The family’s Old Master is afraid that he can’t eat for three days!”

Third Uncle Changyun said with some regret: “Hey, in the final analysis, the Su family is still lucky, d*mn! Ryoto Matsumoto has done such a big game, why did the mysterious man rescue Zhifei and Zhiyu? If Zhifei and Zhiyu die in Tokyo, the entire Su family must be greatly injured! These are the two most outstanding members of their younger generation!”

“Yeah…” Zhongquan couldn’t help sighing, “Although Chengfeng has the wrist and courage, after all, he is old and Zynn is more than hot, but his ability is still lacking. In front of Changying, he’s like a clown, and not enough to look at it. The wife he crazily pursues, after being rejected countless times by Changying, became discouraged and chose to marry him…”

Speaking of this, Zhongquan sighed and said with a grimace: “If Changying was still alive, don’t say that Su Family is the Heavenly Dragon, and it may not have been Wade Family’s opponent…”