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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1823 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1823 Start

Charlie and Nanako had breakfast together, and the sky in Tokyo was already bright.

Nanako said to Charlie: “Master, I will ask the servant to prepare a guest room for you. You can take a short rest. You haven’t slept all night. It’s too hard.”

Charlie smiled slightly, shook his head and said, “Don’t bother, I’m not tired.”

“How can you not be tired?” Nanako couldn’t hide her distress. “Since the battle with Tenglin Ninja last night, Master has never rested for a while, and you has gone through two battles and drove hundreds of kilometers. ……”

Charlie smiled and asked her, “You haven’t rested, do you feel tired?”

Nanako looked slightly startled, and she thought about it for a moment, and said: “I really don’t feel tired at all. Not only I don’t feel tired, but I also feel like I have inexhaustible strength all over my body. The whole body is in a very good state… .”

After that, she hurriedly asked, “Master, this should be the effect of the medicine you gave me?”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “Yes, that medicine can not only cure injuries, but also improve the body’s ability and endurance, so people will not get tired so easily.”

Nanako couldn’t help feeling: “This medicine is really amazing. If it produces energy, Master Wade’s JX Pharmaceutical will definitely become the world’s top pharmaceutical company, right?”

Charlie smiled and said: “This medicine can’t be mass-produced. It is a very rare thing in itself. It was left by ancient Chinese genius doctors. If you take one, you will lose one…”

In fact, the medicinal materials needed for refining the rejuvenating pills are not difficult to obtain.

But the key is that this pill must be refined with spiritual energy.

Aura is like the powerful energy that turns steel into molten iron during steelmaking.

Without this energy, just pile a pile of iron ore together for 10,000 years, and iron ore cannot turn into steel.

Therefore, it is not difficult for Charlie to make this medicine, but the possibility of mass production is multiplied.

Moreover, he is not going to put such a strong medicine out for mass production.

This thing is too bad for ordinary people. If it comes out in large numbers, it is likely to cause a shock in the world, and it is definitely not a good thing for him.

When Nanako heard him say this, she regretted a little bit, but didn’t think about it anymore.

Charlie checked the time and said, “I’ll call a friend and tell them about coming to Tokyo.”

Nanako nodded expectantly.

Charlie took out his cell phone and called Issac.

As soon as the phone was connected, Issac asked him: “Master where did you go? I didn’t see you all night…”

Charlie said, “I’m in Tokyo.”

“Ah?” Issac became more puzzled, and asked, “Didn’t you not say that you are going to see friends in Kyoto? Why did you go to Tokyo again? This is a few hundred kilometers away.”

Charlie said: “Something happened at my friend’s house, so I accompanied her to take a look.”

Then he asked, “By the way, Old man, how are things going on in Osaka?”

Issac hurriedly said, “Going back to the young master, things are going well. Today, the day will basically be over. When do you think we will return to Aurous Hill?”

Charlie said: “I called you just to talk about this. I have something to do in Tokyo. After you get it done, you will fly to Tokyo first. Then I will come to the airport and meet you. Let’s be together and fly from here to Aurous Hill.”

Issac blurted out: “Master private jets can’t fly in Tokyo now! It’s restricted.”

Charlie asked in surprise: “Why are private jets restricted here in Tokyo?”