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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1821 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1821 Start

Hearing Nanako’s words, Charlie immediately opened his mouth and said: “You speak, if I can, I will agree.”

Nanako hesitated for a moment, looked at him expectantly, and said seriously: “I want to ask Master Wade to leave later…”


Charlie was slightly surprised, and subconsciously asked: “How long is that late? To tell you the truth, I actually plan to return to China tonight, and the plane is still waiting in Osaka.”

Nanako’s eyelids were hot, her eyelids drooped slightly, and she whispered: “This…this mainly depends on Master’s schedule. If time is tight, a few hours are all right…”

With that said, Nanako hurriedly added: “Don’t get me wrong, Master. The main reason is that both father and Tanaka are seriously injured and hospitalized. Aunt is not only busy with family affairs, but also busy taking care of them…”

“And my mind is a little confused now, don’t know where to start for the time being, I want Master to stay with me for a few more hours…”

Charlie thought for a moment and nodded: “Then I will stay until the afternoon, because it will take four hours to return to Osaka.”

Nanako asked, “You have booked a flight from Osaka Master?”

“No.” Charlie said truthfully: “My friend helped get a private jet, which is now parked at Osaka Airport.”

Nanako asked tentatively: “Master, can you let the people you travel with, come to Tokyo by plane first, and then you go to Tokyo airport to meet them and fly back to China? In this case, You can save four hours of driving?”

After finishing speaking, Nanako hurriedly said: “If it is inconvenient, it doesn’t matter, Master needn’t feel embarrassed…”

Charlie thought for a while, his original plan was to drive back to Osaka first, then meet Issac, Orvel, and Liang and fly back to Aurous Hill from Osaka.

However, the method Nanako said is also a good solution.

Let Issac and the others come directly to Tokyo by plane, so he doesn’t have to drive this way.

Moreover, it is normal for Nanako to feel at a loss and helpless for a while after the Ito family has experienced an accident. He might as well stay here for another day, and he can also inquire about the Su family’s actions in Tokyo.

Thinking of this, he said to Nanako: “If this is the case, then I will wait till dawn to say hello to my friends and see their situation.”

Nanako clenched her fists excitedly, and said happily, “That’s great!”

The cheerful Nanako quickly invited Charlie to her dining room.

It is said that the dining room at home is actually bigger than a medium-sized restaurant outside.

Charlie feels like entering a Japanese-style buffet restaurant, where there are several busy chefs, and they are making all kinds of meals.

Nanako asked Charlie expectantly: “Master, do you like any of these meals? Just say if you like them, and the chefs will prepare them for you immediately.”