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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 182 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 182 Start

“Charlie, is this really the villa the White family gave you?” Jacob reacted and opened his mouth in surprise.

“Dad, yes.” Charlie smiled.

“This you” Jacob stammered, feeling like he was dreaming.

Claire hurriedly supported him, “Dad, go sit over there and take some rest. Now that Mr. White explained the situation, everyone knows about the villa. Charlie got it right.”

Claire emphasized the words “just gain”, specifically speaking to a group of relatives in the Willson family.

Horiyah clutched her heart in disbelief, and muttered: “This White family is really a big deal. If they want to give a mansion of hundreds of millions, why not give it to us?”

Not only she couldn’t figure it out, others also found it incredible, and even Harold was jealous.

They can’t afford such a mansion for ten lifetimes!

But why did the pie that fell from the sky hit Charlie, a wasteful body!

What kind of sh!t luck is this!

Noah’s face was pale, it didn’t matter that he was ignored by Solmon, but he felt that this villa should be his daughter’s property in the future, and it was in Charlie’s hands in a blink of an eye, making him totally unacceptable!

He looked at his crying daughter and then at Charlie, feeling even more sullen in his heart.

He hadn’t looked down on Jacob for a long time, but now he was crushed by a door-in-law, what a shame!

Noah said sternly: “Charlie, tell everyone, what kind of favor does Mr. White owe you? You are not going to help Mr. White under the banner of the Willson family?”

Charlie said lightly: “This is my personal business, so please tell me!”

He turned around and said to Libo: “It’s getting late, let’s see off the guests.”

Noah Willson claims to be an “elder”, but in his eyes, he’s not even a bullsh*t!

Uncle Libo nodded respectfully and said to the crowd: “I’m sorry, I will send everyone to the door!”

Noah touched a gray nose, “hum” with anger, and walked out with a calm face.

Wendy stared at Charlie bitterly and resentfully, and then walked out.

The family almost broke down in their hearts.

How can they not be so high, how they used to look at the live-in son-in-law, now unexpectedly he hit the big luck!

At this time, Libo closed the door and went back to the guest room without disturbing Charlie’s family.

Harold’s family is gone, Claire then asked: “Charlie, now you should tell us the truth, White always owes you something.”

Charlie hesitated for a while, still not thinking about how to explain it.

A few days ago, the White family pulled Jinghai into the game and wanted to unify the Aurous Hill metaphysics, but Jinghai was struck to death by his own “Thunder Order”. The White family was afraid that he would condemn them as well, so the host sent him the gift of villa to admit defeat. They were also afraid that Charlie would be angry and would kill them.

After thinking about it, Charlie said, “I helped White’s family see Feng Shui, so they gave me this villa.”

“Huh?” Claire and her parents were shocked.

“Charlie, are you helping people with Feng Shui?” Claire’s eyes widened.

Charlie nodded: “Yes.”

Claire asked puzzledly: “Where did you learn Feng Shui?”

Charlie smiled and said, “On TV, there are many Feng Shui programs on TV.”

Claire panicked and blurted out: “You are crazy! Watching TV and dare to show people Feng Shui, and dare to accept such an expensive villa?!”