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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1818 Free Novel

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Therefore, Charlie knew very well that if he wanted to truly compete face-to-face with a family like the Su family in the future, he must have a strong comprehensive strength and being brave is not enough.

What’s more, he hasn’t been able to determine how much responsibility the Wade family will bear for the death of his parents.

If the Wade family had a major responsibility that they could not shirk in the death of their parents, then he might face the two top families of the Su family and the Wade family in the future.

Therefore, Charlie has decided that after returning to Aurous Hill, he will keep a low profile and develop JX Pharmaceutical.

Starting from JX Pharmaceutical, step by step, he will form his own business empire.

Only in this way can he have the opportunity to sit face-to-face with the Su Family and the Wade Family, and even trample them under his feet!

Takehiko didn’t know Charlie’s true identity, let alone what Charlie was thinking. Seeing that he seemed to be really ambitious, he couldn’t help but persuade:

“Mr. Charlie, you have JX Pharmaceutical as your foundation and cash in your hand. Why don’t you spread your business?”

“Take the current ocean transportation as an example. The vast majority of international oil and bulk trade logistics rely on shipping. Now the international economic situation is declining, and this is a good opportunity for bargain-hunting!”

“Furthermore, your country is with the best economic development momentum at present, and it also has the most complete industrial system. Export trade is rising year by year. China’s demand for ocean transportation from all over the world will increase, and the prospects for ocean transportation will be even greater. For the vastness!”

“If Mr. Charlie is willing to do it, you can start from the Chinese mainland. If you need to expand to Japan’s port and shipping business, the Ito family will definitely cooperate with you. Even if it is your green leaf, I am willing!”

At this time, Takehiko had a very simple thought in his heart.

Four and a half billions will definitely not come back.

JX Pharmaceutical will definitely not sell shares.

In this case, it is better to find a way to attract Charlie step by step.

If Charlie can be recruited to Ito’s house as a son-in-law, what else should he worry about in the future?

Charlie has the strength and ability, and saved his daughter’s life. More importantly, his daughter loves him.

Before, he wanted his daughter to marry Ichiro. It wasn’t that he had to force his daughter to marry the Kobayashi family, but that his daughter at that time was simply a silly girl with powerless love.

She didn’t have anyone she liked at all, and he didn’t know if she would move that muscle.

Instead of this, he might as well choose the most suitable one for her.

However, she obviously already has her favorite object now. As a father, he certainly hopes that his daughter will get what she wants.

Besides, he also felt that a man like Charlie was indeed a good choice to be a son-in-law.

For the happiness of his daughter, he is even willing to let the entire Ito family become his daughter’s dowry.

Anyway, he has this one daughter, everything is for his daughter to be happy and happy all her life.

As for the assets of the Ito family, it doesn’t matter whether the surname is Ito, Yamada, Watanabe, or even Wade.

Because these assets will still be in the hands of his daughters, son-in-law, and the offspring born to them.

In Ito’s view, the real inheritance is blood, not surname.

Charlie only smiled at Takehiko’s suggestion, and said seriously: “It’s true that my current development focus is to do a good job of JX Pharmaceutical. If JX Pharmaceutical can develop, then I will consider other businesses.”